10 crystals to dispel negative energy

Do you often wake up fully ‘charged’ with optimism, and zest for life, to have it taken away from you?

Here are 10 crystals to dispel negative energy, and a paragraph on how to use them as talisman.

Carrying or wearing crystals, and placing crystals around your home, are great ways of protecting yourself from negative moods, and from negative people or energy.


A talisman is an object held to act as a charm, to avert evil, and bring good fortune – 

I find crystals are perfect as talisman, as you can pop tumble-stones in your pocket or wear an item of jewellery with the crystal you like/need inset into it. 

Sylvies Spirit- crystal tumble-stones

I find that I wear amethyst mostly, but there are days where I instinctively know to grab my amber bracelet –  amber is known to dispel negativity. I often don’t know that my mood is lowering when I choose my bracelet to wear, but I instinctively know I need the comfort of amber.

I also find that I can go for days without really ‘touching’ my crystals or the jewellery that I’m wearing, but when obstacles arise I instinctively hold the stones and they soothe me. This leads me to believe that they are acting as talismans for me. 

Feeling low? At a crossroads?

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Crystals to drive away negative mood

I have chosen 4 crystals for you, that work to dispel negative moods. These are all known for the property of positive energy, so you can pick the one that resonates with you.

Positive energy: Amber

The ancient energy within amber is warm and gentle, cleansing the body and soul and restoring mental clarity.

Amber is perfect for nurturing yourself when you feel fear and negativity creeping in. It balances emotions against erratic mood, and helps patience, calming fear and dispelling self-doubt.

Sylvies Spirit Amber
Crystals to dispel negative energy - amber

Positive energy: Black obsidian

Black obsidian is routed in the base chakras and as such is grounding, giving a strong connection to the earth.

Black obsidian is also about the truth, it tears down falsity and protects you from liars, enabling you to rid yourself of energy vampires and toxic environments.

When you are grounded/balanced it is so much easier to ‘regroup’ and see the liars and fools for what they are, then move away from them, and put them in the past – so you can forgive and forget.


Sylvies Spirit black obsidian
Crystals to dispel negative energy - Black obsidian

Positive energy: Smithsonite

Smithsonite is an ally when you feel overwhelmed. It will soothe your mind, and can help bolster mindfulness exercises, so you can evaluate and calm emotions to find a resolution.

When your energy is consistently being depleted by arguments with family/friends, to the extent that you begin to know that the situation you have been drawn into is causing you physical distress – smithsonite will help you move forward without holding grudges.

It combats depression and helps reflection, so you rebuild your life – finding confidence and restoring self-esteem.

Sylvies Spirit Smithsonite
Crystals to dispel negative energy - smithsonite

Positive energy: Blue Quartz

Associated with the throat chakra, blue quartz, can be worn as a necklace to help you find your voice to express yourself.

It also helps you to concentrate and retain information, which assists study or mindful meditation. It aligns the subtle bodies as it influences all the chakras so is great for emotional healing and protecting your aura.

Sylvies Spirit Blue Quartz
Crystals to dispel negative energy - blue quartz

Not making great choices?

Making bad decisions?

1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

2.Download our FREE chakra guide today! 

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Crystals to protect against negative people

Energy vampires are everywhere and they are instinctively drawn to positive people. Some are manageable and some are just plain toxic. I once worked in a team of ladies and there was a particular lady who was always on the glass half empty side – the other members of the team hated working with her as they came away drained. 

Mentally preparing, when you know you are going to be amongst negative people is really important, carrying a crystal with the ‘intention’ that it will protect you from their negativity is a great place to start. Here are a few to choose from, just choose the one that you find the most appealing:

Protection against negative people: Black Jade

Black Jade is associated with the root chakra and shields not only the physical body, but guards against negative forces or entities, energy vampires, and people projecting anger and aggression. 

It can help you to steer clear of negative people as you’ll ‘tune in’ and back off long before they can focus their attention on you – it’s your energy guardian.

Sylvies Spirit Black Jade
Crystals to dispel negative energy - black jade

Protection against negative people: Red Garnet

Red garnet literally warns against incoming danger from energy vampires. It will also recharge your other chakras and keep them protected too.

Sylvies Spirit Garnet
Sylvies Spirit- red garnet

Protection against negative people: Aqua Aura

This crystal works at aura level to protect you. It clears and repairs the aura and will, like red garnet, recharge your other chakras.

Aqua aura quartz is also a transformer stone that can help you change your situation, outlook, prospects, and emotions. 

Aqua aura energies will make you attuned to the loving and happy energies of the universe, including the people in your life, as well as the positive people who want to be a part of it.


Sylvies Spirit Aqua Aura
Crystals to dispel negative energy - aqua aura

Protection against negative people: Citrine

Citrine is the sun, it holds the sun’s energy and radiates warmth.

It absorbs and dissipates negativity and never needs cleansing.

Wear citrine against the skin and it will give you a warning of danger so you have time to protect yourself.

SylviesSpirit - Citrine
SylviesSpirit - Citrine

Protection against negative people: Black Obsidian

As I have said above, black obsidian is a grounding stone and as such, it is the perfect protection stone across the board.

Empaths and sensitive people, who are particularly susceptible to having their energy drained, can block this vampirism, with this powerful stone.

Sylvies Spirit black obsidian

Crystals to cleanse and protect your house

Protection stones can be put strategically around your house to stop unwanted visitors. They can also disperse negative energy that is in a room or that runs through a room. 

One of the houses that I have lived in had a ley line right through the living room, it wasn’t comfortable at all. All my family found it difficult to settle in that room. I dowsed the room and used selenite and black crystals to block/disperse the energy and the room cheered up immensely.

Here are 4 crystals you can use around your house. Also check out this video in which Rachele explains how to grid your house:

Protect your house - selenite

This is one of the crystals I use regularly to create a protective grid around my house. I have a piece on nearly every window sill, and it blocks negative energy lines from coming through your home.

Note: don’t put this crystal in the bathroom as it will soak up water.

Selenite is also incredibly soothing if you hold it in your hand, I’m drawn to holding it when I need a bit of a cuddle and to be calm.


Sylvies Spirit Selenite
Crystals to dispel negative energy - selenite

Protect your house  - Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is also great around the house, used as part of a grid of protection so you can feel comfortable in a grounded/balanced space.

It is great to have black tourmaline in your workspace too, as it clears any negativity, so you can be more productive.

If you work in an office that is prone to being toxic, place a piece on your desk – so your energy doesn’t get stolen by negative co-workers.

Sylvies Spirit Black Tourmaline
Crystals to dispel negative energy - black tourmaline

Protect your house: Black obsidian

Black obsidian, which we looked at in the above passage for personal use, can also be used to achieve feng shui in homes as it draws away negativity and takes it into the earth to disperse.

Sylvies Spirit black obsidian
Crystals to dispel negative energy - Black obsidian

Protect your house: Smithsonite

Smithsonite, as explained above, can be put in a special place in your home to help connectivity and love.

Sylvies Spirit Smithsonite
Crystals to dispel negative energy - smithsonite

I hope these crystals help you as much as they have helped me.

Namaste x