Garnet | Healing, properties & powers

This blog is going to explore the healing, properties, and powers of the garnet gemstone which comes in a variety of colours including white, black, pink, red, blue and green.  Garnet was favoured by the Egyptians, Romans and the Victorians. The Egyptians wore garnets as they believed they were a symbol of life. Roman nobility … Read more

Birthstones: Ultimate astrological & monthly guide

Birthstones that represent your astrological star sign and/or your month of birth have been used throughout history by many cultures, inspiring many myths and legends that still have a bearing on people’s choice of gem today. A star sign gem, or one of the twelve-month gems, is a great way to celebrate your personal history, … Read more

Healing heartbreak & the 5 stages of grief with crystals

Crystals themselves can not offer a complete “cure” from grief, but can help heal heartbreak & the 5 stages of grief, when used alongside counselling and conventional medicine. The reason crystal stones heal heartbreak and grief events is that they can, “bolster your resolve” to get through by acting as a talisman, and increase the … Read more

Super Seven Melody’s Crystal Stone for body, mind and spirit

The Super Seven Melody’s Crystal Stone is an all-round healer for body, mind and spirit, healing at chakra level because it contains 7 crystals within its structure and each one is associated with one or more of your main chakras. The Super Seven or Melody’s crystal will connect you to your higher guidance, so that … Read more

15 Crystals: For smooth transitions, resolution, new beginnings, growth and success

Humans are hardwired to resist change. Part of the brain, the amygdala, interprets change as a threat and releases the hormones for fear, fight, or flight. However, crystals can help you overcome those fears, for smooth transitions, resolution, new beginnings, growth and success.  Feeling sceptical?: Talisman have been used for thousands of years, to procure … Read more

7 Easy ways to cleanse/charge crystal stones

Crystal care

Overusing your crystals for healing and manifestation, will lead to them becoming depleted in energy, so I have compiled 7 easy ways for you to quickly cleanse and charge your crystal stones.  Although crystals are a conduit for light energy, many of them do not have the power to self cleanse so they need to … Read more

10 Green crystals for your heart connection

Mend a broken heart

Green crystals can be used to bolster your heart connection as they are associated with the heart chakra, which is also green. The heart chakra is a spinning disc of energy that sits at heart height on your body, in a central position aligned with the spine.  The energy in this chakra needs to be … Read more

Clear quartz crystal stone: The master healer

Achieve your goals

This master healer vibrates at all colour frequencies, meaning it is a cure-all! The clear quartz crystal stone can be programmed to address any issues you are working on whether that is health orientated, or around the home, it can be used to magnify your intent for any manifestation and will attune to all chakras … Read more

8 White & clear crystals meanings

8 White & clear crystals meanings Not bound to one chakra and ruled by the moon, white and clear crystal stones have angelic energy and are the master healers. White is a symbol of purity, innocence, surrender and angelic energy, as white light reaches beyond our earthly plane.  They include: Selenite (White Crystal Selenite) Howlite … Read more