10 Green crystals for your heart connection

Green crystals can be used to bolster your heart connection as they are associated with the heart chakra, which is also green. The heart chakra is a spinning disc of energy that sits at heart height on your body, in a central position aligned with the spine. 

The energy in this chakra needs to be equal to the energy in your other 7 chakras for them all to be healthy, and for you to feel healthy and happy.

If you are feeling, or have felt ‘dis ease’ (lack of ease or comfort), the energy in the chakra might have been weakened by events, (like splitting up from a husband/partner), or conversely, the chakra can often become overactive as a consequence too.  Therefore using your green crystals, which resonate with the energy of your body, can recharge the chakra, or calm the chakra as needed.

Sylvies Spirit-Relationships Green Crystals

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Green crystals and love: Green crystals can be used to mend a broken heart, and to help with new beginnings, when you are ready to find love again.

If you have recently split from your ex, read this:

“When I was with my ex-husband, I consistently had problems tight gluts. I’m a runner and I saw this as part of being a runner, however, when I split from this toxic relationship, and spent time working with my crystals, realigning and finding myself again, the tight gluts went away almost immediately!! 

So it is worth looking at the ailments you might have suffered from when you were with your ex.

The take-away from my experience with my ex, and why I love telling this story, is that I refer to him as a literal ‘pain in the arse’”!

Green crystals and luck: In certain cultures, green crystals, such as jade in Chinese culture, have been associated with luck. They are used for lucky charms and talismans.

Green crystals and nature: Representing the colour of nature, green stones will strengthen the connection between your heart and mind.

Green is the colour of life, in spring the landscape is transformed with new growth, and as such, green symbolises new beginnings.

Green crystals are great balancers and bring about renewal, new learning and harmony. They gently promote self-respect and well being.

I have included a video here by Caroline as she is talking more about green crystal energy, she says that you’ll experience several phases when using them: A detox phase, followed by the transformation phase. I love her energy and it will really make sense to watch the video once you have chosen your crystal.

10 Green crystals for your heart connection - list

I have chosen the 10 green crystals below as they are easily attained, although some are more expensive than others e.g. Emerald. Simply chose a crystal from the images in the list below and then read the qualities it has. 

I usually find that the crystal that I look favourably upon, is the one that I need, so when I read the properties it has, it puts me on my path of self-reflection – leading to self-realisation.

  1. Green aventurine
  2. Peridot
  3. Emerald
  4. Jade
  5. Bloodstone
  6. Malachite
  7. Moldavite 
  8. Chrysoprase 
  9. Amazonite
  10. Apatite


10 Green crystals for your heart connection -Lighter green or pale green

Green aventurine crystal stone

As part of the quartz family, aventurine comes in various colours including orange, yellow, brown, grey, blue, and the forest green colour that we are going to talk about today. Aventurine has a sparkly look which is caused by flecks of mineral inclusions. 

Green aventurine meaning: The positive energy of green aventurine renews optimism for life, revitalising you, restoring your confidence – and urges you to get out of your comfort zone. 

It is also associated with luck and abundance, so when new opportunities come your way, do not let them pass you by.

Green aventurine chakra: Associated with the heart chakra, green aventurine is a heart healer, which procures emotional calm. It will also protect the heart chakra from energy vampires. 

Green aventurine healing: Aventurine is anti-inflammatory. It eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines, and soothes the eyes, as well as having a healing effect on the lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

Green aventurine birthstone: Libra, and the planetary stone for Taurus.

Green aventurine wedding anniversary: 8th year of marriage.

Sylvies Spirit - Green Aventurine
Sylvies Spirit - Green Aventurine

Peridot crystal stone

Ranging in colour from olive to light green, the peridot crystal has been valued for thousands of years by cultures, including the Egyptians who called it the ‘gem of the sun’.

People believed that it protected its owner from ‘terrors of the night’, especially when it was set in gold.

Peridot meaning: Associated with the sun, the energy of the peridot stone will enable you to feel positivity, which will help bring your life into alignment, so the energy of the universe can help you release the negative thoughts you hold from the past.

By doing this you will find true happiness and abundance in your life.

It enhances confidence and assertion, motivating growth and change, which will open the mind to new levels of awareness.

Peridot chakra: Peridot crystals, as their green/yellow appearance suggests are associated with the heart chakra (which is a green colour), and the solar plexus (which is a yellow colour).

Peridot is beneficial for the heart chakra, as it will rebalance its energies and enable you to feel and express compassion, love and affection. 

Peridot also stimulates the solar plexus, causing the heart and solar plexus chakras to harmonise creating an integration of love and will. 

Peridot healing: Peridot is a powerful cleanser alleviating jealousy, resentment, anger, and greed. 

It strengthens the immune system, metabolism and benefits the skin (like a dose of Vitamin D).  It also has healing properties for the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen and intestinal tract. 

Its rebalancing effect can be useful for bipolar disorders and overcoming hypochondria.

Peridot birthstone: Associated with Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Gemini.

Sylvies Spirit Peridot

Emerald crystal stone

The emerald stone has been revered in cultures from biblical times as a symbol of rebirth – it is believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and youth.

Emerald meaning: Emerald is the stone of abundance, which means it will help you heal heartache and nourish your emotional needs bringing freshness and re-invigoration to your spirit. 

Emerald is also a stone of great vision and intuition, associated with the eyes and sight, long believed to foretell future events and reveal one’s truths. 

Emerald chakra: Emerald is called the ‘Stone of Successful Love’, and as such has historically often been used for engagement rings, as it opens and nurtures the heart and the heart chakra. 

The emerald stone will help you to stay centred and make good choices that are based on love and compassion as it gently heals at all levels.

Inspiration and infinite patience abound with the emerald stone as it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love. 

Associated with the goddess Venus, emerald procures security in love, promoting contentment and loyalty.

Emerald healing: The healing qualities of emeralds can be beneficial in warding off epilepsy and averting fever, headaches, allergies and sinusitis. It relieves eczema, rashes and skin irritations.

Emerald may be used to increase fertility and for support during childbirth.

Emerald birthstone: As the birthstone for May, it is associated with the star sign Taurus. 

Sylvies Spirit - Emerald

Jade crystal stone

Jade has been traded by different cultures for centuries and was used, because of its durability by earlier civilisations for making axe heads and weapons. It comes in many colours, but green is the most widely known.

In China jade is an important part of the wedding ceremony as it is considered to have the ‘essence of love’. It is also used as a talisman for luck and abundance.

Jade meaning: Jade supports harmonious connections, and as such can be put in your house to promote positive energy in your relationships with family and friends.

Carrying the energy and freshness of the earth and nature, jade can nurture you to embrace being alive. It will encourage you to relax and enjoy the gifts that a walk in nature will provide – use it to re-attune to the earth, to ground your energies. 

Jade enables you to receive what you need to nurture your soul – which is to love and accept being loved.

Jade chakra: Unblocking the heart chakra with jade will reduce the resistance we have to receive what we need and love. Jade helps us get in the flow of divine abundance.

Jade healing: Jade is useful to treat stress, anxiety, disorders of the blood, and strengthen the immune system. It also has an effect on the kidneys, stimulating and regulating their function.

Jade is connected to: Cancer, Pisces, Libra and Virgo, the water signs – and as such it has an effect on the sphere of the emotions and on the feminine sphere of love, intuition and compassion.

Sylvies Spirit - Jade
Sylvies Spirit - Jade

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10 Green crystals for your heart connection - Dark green

Bloodstone crystal

Treasured by early civilisations, bloodstone was believed to have the blood of Christ within and was often worn as a talisman for health.

Bloodstone was also believed to have magical properties including, controlling the weather. It was referred to as the gift of prophecy, the ‘audible oracle’ which offered guidance to the wearer, warding off negativity and acting as a warning of deception from others.

Bloodstone meaning: Fundamentality the combination of the red and green in bloodstone will enable you to have courage because the heart chakra will be activated, so you will feel the emotion of a circumstance you are in, but you will have the balance and grounding of the root chakra too – so you can ride the storm.

The bloodstone also enables us to face hard realities, which are part of the challenge of the earthly plain, by grounding us in the physical body, whilst purifying our aura so we can experience all that the universe has to offer.

Bloodstone chakra: Associated with the root and heart chakra bloodstone is an intense healing stone used to cleanse all the chakras and realign the lower chakras with the heart. 

As it cleanses your system it will also balance the energies of the chakras, like a reset, so the body and mind do not feel undue anxiety.

Bloodstone healing: If you are wanting to give your immune system a boost Bloodstone has healing properties that purify the blood and improve all things to do with circulation.

Menstrual issues and PMS can be improved, as well as helping mothers giving birth by empowering strength, courage and vitality.

Sylvies Spirit Bloodstone
Sylvies Spirit Bloodstone

Malachite crystal stone

Malachite is also considered a protection stone and provides the wearer with protective luck, so they avoid trouble. 

On a basic level malachite wants to protect and support your healthiest and happiest self, making you aware of your shortcomings so that you can improve which will, in turn, imbue confidence.

Malachite meaning: As a protection stone malachite will absorb negative, toxic and pollutant energies from around you, and from within you, taking this disharmony into itself.

Malachite will balance mood swings and open your heart to love and positive vibes – so you only take risks in life that are good for you.

It will also bolster your self-belief as carrying it will make you feel like someone has your back.

Malachite chakra: Aligned with both the heart and throat chakra malachite will enable you to love unconditionally and to accept love into your life.

Malachite healing: The protective qualities of malachite help tissue regeneration and as such can heal bruises and broken bones. The protective luck that we talked about above also means it can stop the bruise of broken bone from happening in the first place by protecting you from falling!

Malachite is called the ‘midwife stone’ as it can help with childbirth and other gynaecological concerns. The major healing of malachite can:

  • Regulate periods.
  • Ease labour pain.
  • Resonating with women and their bodies, reducing discomfort when having sex.
Sylvies Spirit - Malachite
Sylvies Spirit - Malachite

Moldavite crystal stone

Moldavite is prized for its metaphysical properties and healing qualities. It is a stone of spiritual awakening and will accelerate your evolution.

Moldavite meaning: This stone is a powerful life changer that will push you forward so you attain your goals.

It should be used in a considered way as is not as gentle as, for example, rose quartz, so it will bring about change which you may or may not be ready for.

If you are in a stable place and happy with most aspects of your life then moldavite will enable you to take the next step.

It will show you your ‘shadow self’, the person that is holding you back, so you become conscious of self-imposed limitations.

The awareness of self that you get from moldavite is indeed transformative, as your own negative energy will be cleared from the darkest recesses of your mind, and you will then feel rejuvenated as new positive energy floods in so you can use it to elevate your higher self.

For people who are stuck in a rut, this crystal will certainly shake things up a bit!

Moldavite chakra: As a green stone it is most active with the heart chakra, but the power of this stone can act on and open all chakras and enhance any spiritual pursuit.

Moldavite healing: Healers use moldavite to assist with clearing the aura of any undesirable baggage from past lives. When meditating moldavite will help you connect with higher powers in the universe and your higher self.

Moldavite – working with: This is a high-intensity stone that brings about change. I worked with it many years ago and frankly it scared me, as the change was immediate and wasn’t ready for it.

I recommend that you pair it with other stones to enhance their powers, and use it in moderation on its own.

Here are some pairings that you might find useful:

Amber – to bring positive energy to your change/transformation.

Aquamarine – to soothe the intensity so transformations are more smooth.

Charoite – to help you release negative patterns, so you are more open to what life is offering you.

Jet – to absorb any negative energy as the blocks are removed from your chakras.

Lapis Lazuli – to enhance awareness of the spiritual path.

Rose quartz – to bring the power of love to aid your change.

Sodalite – to enhance intuition which may have been blocked by self-doubt.

Sylvies Spirit Modavite
Sylvies Spirit Modavite

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10 Green crystals for your heart connection - Blue green

Chrysoprase crystal stone

Reminds and reassures you of your heart connection to others and to the Earth. It is one of the best stones for healing a broken heart and preparing your heart for a new relationship.

It also helps when facing threatening situations – strengthening your ability to stay centred in your heart and act from compassion rather than fear or anger.

Chrysoprase meaning:  and traditionally symbolises enterprise, happiness, and prudence. The chrysoprase stone is famous for being able to improve emotional health.

It is said to promote empathy, forgiveness, growth, self-love, and a general lust for life.

Chrysoprase chakra: Balancing yin and yang energy, chrysoprase activates and energises the heart and sacral chakras bringing energy into the physical body. 

Ideal for meditative states: It imparts a sense of being a part of the divine whole, as chrysoprase promotes the love of truth.

Chrysoprase healing: Speed up the healing of wounds and recovery from ailments with chrysoprase.

Placing chrysoprase near wounds/bruises during meditation, or under your pillow to encourage white blood cells to the affected area, will help speed up healing.

Chrysoprase birthstone: Chrysoprase is one of the birthstones for May (Taurus).

Sylvies Spirit Chrysoprase
Sylvies Spirit Chrysoprase
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Amazonite crystal stone

Amazonite helps by bringing the truth to light by being overly emotional about it. Connecting the heart and throat amazonite will enable you to see other people points of view.

Meditating with amazonite will clarify inner conflicts and confusion, enabling you to find a more ‘hopeful’ self-image.

Amazonite meaning: Connecting the heart chakra and the energy of water, the ammonite crystals will encourage you to take on a fluid and flexible approach, which will change your perspective on life. 

Amazonite is also known as the ‘hope’ stone so if you are prone to a ‘glass half empty attitude, it will also ‘flip’ this to a more positive side, and in doing so enable you to embrace change more easily, with renewed hope.

If you feel you are stuck but have a feeling that it might be a self-made rut, then the hope that amazonite will bring you will inspire you to surrender to life’s mystery, and see where it takes you.

Amazonite chakra: Amazon acts on the heart and throat chakra like a chill pill!

Your heart will release any toxic emotions and other unwanted energy that you have been holding on to, and your throat chakra will clear so that you can ‘speak your truth’.

Amazonite healing: Amazonite protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves.

Osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits, as well as muscle spasms, can be relieved with the ammonite stone.

Sylvies Spirit Amazonite

Apatite crystal stone

Motivation and ambition will be boosted as self-confidence will grow and therefore enable youth to find self-acceptance. 

Finding your authentic self using apatite will open your mind to the possibilities you can unlock in your mind and heart chakras.

Apatite meaning: Apatite has also been associated with psychic perception, past-life recall, and the paranormal.

The intuitive thought processes, once nurtured, can also bring greater creativity, as being in touch with parts of your spirit, and having a deeper understanding of your yin and yang energies will bring forth untapped sources of inspiration.

Apatite chakra: Communication and expression can be enhanced as the throat chakra opens, so you no longer feel anxiety and shyness when ’speaking your truth’.

Apatite healing: very useful for promoting the healing of bones, teeth and cartilage. 

Sylvies Spirit Apatite

10 Green crystals for your heart connection - Other green crystals for your collection

Other green crystal stones include:

  • Chrome diopside, green sapphire, tsavorite garnet, and demantoid garnet. 
  • Agates, onyx, and fluorite can also be green. 

I hope you have enjoyed my green crystals blog and find the love in your heart for yourself, so that you may express this to family and friends – bringing you a bountiful life of abundance.

Namaste x