20 family affirmations to keep you safe and well

Issues within your family, and issues that surround family members are particularly hard to deal with – so these 20 family affirmations might well help. The raw emotion you feel because your ‘flesh and blood’ is hurting you, or is hurting, can deplete you of all energy in literally minutes, so using mindfulness to ground you, followed by these affirmations, will help solidify the bonds within your family unit.

When faced with family issues there is a tendency to ‘rush in’ to try to cure the issue, but in reality, a deep breath and a few minutes of peace would consolidate your thoughts on what to suggest, and how to suggest it. With my daughter, who is fiercely independent, I have encroached and been told to back off several times. I have learned to wait until she starts the conversation, then I listen intently, and wait until the right time to add my thoughts. We tend to be having a cuppa when she ‘opens up’ to me, so I can settle myself and practice mindfulness briefly, which then gives me enough time as I have a clear head, to see things from her perspective as well as mine.

So before we start our positive affirmations for family relationships, how about practising a few minutes of mindfulness? It’s so simple you’ll be shocked and amazed at how powerful it is.

Mindful approach

Mindfulness can be practised seated, lying, and believe it or not walking, or even making a cuppa. I struggled with mediation until I found mindfulness, I’d sit in a meditation class and begin to fidget as soon as the meditation began and the more I tried to quiet my mind the noisier it got. I did, however, usually manage 2 minutes of bliss, out of the total 30-minute meditation, which made me realise it’s blinking good stuff, but that I needed a less rigid practice.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where you are and what you are doing, but not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around you, which is why it’s so good for family situations. Whatever has been worrying you, and keeping you from sleeping, take a break from it for 2 minutes as of now.

Join me for a mindful cuppa

A great way too often mellow a situation that is unravelling is to pop the kettle on, so let’s make a mindful cuppa.

Find your favourite cup, and hold it while you click the kettle on to boil; now enjoy looking at your cup, perhaps you love the motif on it? Mine has a sheep on which brings thoughts of the holiday I was on when I was bought it.

Enjoy touching the cup, I like the smooth feel of the porcelain, which is cold to touch when empty. And the handle is the right size for my hands, which are small and often struggle with bigger handles.

Whilst you’re looking at your cup, your mind is on just that ‘one thought’, so what you are doing is being present in that moment.

Amazing huh? How many thoughts are usually in your head at one time? Multitasking your job, the children, the food shop, etc. all those thoughts all at the same time, all day.

If you have enjoyed this exercise then please also take a look at my Daily mindfulness checklist blog.

VIDEO – This is a great example of mindful tea drinking by Maddy.

With mindfulness you are not attempting to clear your mind, or not hear the noises around you, you are just taking time for yourself. Any niggling thoughts that come in send away on a cloud. If you have fleeting thoughts that you ‘should be doing this, or that’ send them away on a cloud. 

Now keep going, the tea is brewed, let us drink it mindfully too. Don’t walk around multitasking, taste it, feel the heat on your hands from the cup, take the whole experience of making and drinking the drink in, immerse yourself.

Congratulations: You’ve just taken 2 minutes out and achieved mindfulness, which will give you a little refresh before speaking the affirmations.

Let us begin the affirmations

Having taken a mindful breath, say your affirmation as a positive statement. Possibly 2 minutes ago would have been saying it with tears in your eyes?… Now you can breathe light and love into what you are saying, so they hold your truth and then let them fly free in the light of the universe.

Repeat them often, and believe in them, so positive changes will manifest.

Positive affirmations for family relationships

  1. I send love to myself, and all my family.
  2. I give thanks for what my family has, we are blessed
  3. I give thanks for my family’s abundant purposes
  4. I give thanks that my family is close and looks out for one another.
  5. I give thanks that my family encourages each other.
  6. I give thanks that we show our emotions with kind words and deeds.
  7. My family works together as a team, helping and supporting others.
  8. I will speak kindly but truthfully to my family

Affirmations for family protection

  1. Universe please keep my family safe and well.
  2. Universe protect and keep (family member name) safe and well at this time.

Family health affirmations

  1. Give thanks for my family’s health and the strong bond we have.
  2. May my family have healthy, loving relationships.
  3. My family is living in the here and now, and we will come through this tough time together.

Affirmations that involve Individual family members

  1. Send love to me, and I will care for (family member name) with the hope that they will become well again and fulfil their own destiny.
  2. I send love to myself, and to (family member name)
  3. I send love to myself, and I will support (family member name) with a good hear
  4. Bless (family member name) for they are breaking the cycle that they have been in, and finding enlightenment.
  5. Let (family member name) know that they will embrace the light and love of the universe.
  6. Send a message to (family member name) to hold hope in their heart and learn to trust again.
  7. (family member name) your destiny awaits and you will attain it.

I hope you can find an affirmation that will help you.

Remember to take time for yourself, using mindfulness, so that you stay strong. By centring your life and thoughts, you will not only empower yourself but you will be enabled to help your family members succeed in their goals and aspirations.

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Namaste x