Daily mindfulness checklist

It’s coming up to Christmas and for many of us this season has mixed emotions so here is my Daily mindfulness check list and a quote which might have resonance with you –

  “Every day may not be good, but there’s good in every day.”

Struggle with meditation

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing mindfulness is, as it’s so easy to to get to grips with, and bring it into your daily routine.

I’ve said before that I found meditation really hard, as I find it hard to clear my mind. The moment I’m told to sit still and breathe deeply I start fidgeting and find it really difficult to get the breath.

However, mindfulness is something I can do ‘daily, on the go’, meaning it’s perfect for a busy life.

Mindfulness facts

Mindfulness is a form of cognitive therapy which increases our awareness to ‘where we are at’, so we can change the focus. It helps us to mindfully respond to situations rather than react.

Wanting to find peace?

Find yourself

1. Take what you have just learned from my Mindfulness blog and enhance it.

2. Select a crystal on this website to embody your spiritual quest, and check out which chakra it associates with.

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Working with your chakras with a crystal will:

  • Balance your body, mind & spirit
  • Quiet your mind
  • Help you find new purpose

Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

Mindfully respond rather than react

Ask yourself, in your work life and home life, are you running your daily life or is it running you?

I have struggled over the years with becoming bogged down with things, as I am that energetic person who goes the extra mile, at work and at home – but wear myself out on a daily basis. 

Does this sound like you? 

Well, firstly remember, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, so don’t try to change everything at once. So many times I have said to myself, “I’m not doing this sh*t anymore.” But I’m me, and it’s in my nature, so I just needed to adapt the way I handle my life rather than fight it.

Note: It might help you to know what your Birthday number is, so you get to know yourself more. See my Hidden meaning in Birthday numbers blog.

12 easy daily mindfulness practices

Here’s my daily mindfulness check list which has 12 practices which I find help me; feel free to adapt them to you. Maybe grab a crystal and carry it with you as a talisman and when you find yourself holding it in the day, check in with yourself, and ask ‘where am I at?’

  1. Daily mindful routine  – Waking – As you wake up, take your time and observe 5 mindful breaths.
  2. Daily  mindful routine  – Teeth brushing – So often we rush this, as it’s the last thing we do before leaving the house. I have a timer on my tooth brush and I’m still aware that I rush. By paying attention to moving the brush from tooth to tooth, and maybe even having a set routine for this, you will be taking a mindful moment. Enjoy the taste of the toothpaste, the taste of the water you swill your mouth with, and the lovely clean feeling after.
  3. Daily mindful  routine – Posture – Walking around or sitting, check in with yourself and breath yourself into a better posture. For example: Don’t force your shoulders back. Start by getting an awareness of your breathing and deepen it, then gradually peel your shoulders back, slightly more on each breath.
  4. Daily mindful  routine – Enjoy the journey – How many times have you walked or driven to work and then can’t remember a thing about the journey. Start looking at your surroundings and hearing the sounds in your day. For example, listen to the chirping of the birds as you walk to work, and let this keep you in the present, in the moment, rather than racing ahead to what you are looking to achieve in the day. It’ll all get done, so just walk along and enjoy the journey.
  5. Daily mindful  routine – Daily check in – Just finished that project you’ve been working on all morning – grab a mindful break. Sit back in your chair and deepen your breathing take in 5 healing breaths, and ‘give yourself a pat on the back’ – you are a star!
  6. Daily mindful  routine – Eating – Try to really enjoy ‘the moment’ when you are eating. Don’t rush it: Chew and taste it mindfully. You don’t have to be at a Michelin star restaurant to enjoy food. Take time to access how well you’ve made your sandwich, and think about the flavours involved. By taking time to be in the moment, you’ll not only digest it better, but it will give you that break from all that is going on in the day. It’s called a lunch break for a reason:)
  7. Daily mindful  routine – Walking – Do you rush around all day? Start thinking about your posture and the way you plant your feet when you walk. I find I am leaning forward when I walk, as it’s always full speed. By adjusting my posture, I not only save my back from getting soar, I also stop planting my feet so heavily. I’m not asking you to slow down, but to tune in;)
  8. Daily mindful  routine – Listening and talking – Check in with yourself when you are listening and talking. Don’t pass judgement on the person you are with, for perhaps talking too much, think more about ‘where you are at’ today. Would this conversation have had the same effect on you yesterday? I often find it’s me that has changed rather than the other person – it’s a really interesting way to tune into the real you, and your mood.
  9. Daily mindful routine – Coffee time – Or tea time if your British:) Mindfully drinking your tea on your break is a great time to take a full break from your day. See my mindfulness tea drinking exercise in my 20 Affirmations to keep your family safe and well blog.
  10. Daily mindful  routine – Queuing – It’s a fact of life we have to queue, whether in a traffic jam, or out shopping. Why not take yourself away to your space for a moment. Take 5 slow breaths, and remember your body is your personal universe, there is only you in it – enjoy the space you have and relax.
  11. Daily mindful  routine – Body pain – We all have weakness in our bodies. We tend to say things like, “That leg has always hurt.” But by saying ‘that leg’ you are not taking ownership for it, it’s part of your body, you can influence how it will be be on a daily basis. Take 5 deep breaths and bring awareness to the area of your body that needs the healing oxygen. The oxygen in the cells is the key to our health, so breath in the healing and believe in it, then send it to the area of the body that is hurting.
  12. Daily mindful  routine – Bed time – If you lucky enough to go straight to sleep, that’s all well and good, but if like me you struggle. Then taking a few mindful breathes and gradually doing a body check will hopefully see you on your way to a blissful nights sleep. Sink into your mattress and starting at you feet, bring awareness to them and give them the time to relax, noticing the feel of the duvet, the warmth, and enjoy the cocoon. You are home safe and warm. Now gradually move up your body so each part is relaxed. Sleep well

Below I have added a meditation by Caroline, which is simple to do as she talks you through the whole time and gets you to focus on your body and any pain issues – why not try it, it is only 10 minutes, but it will be a 10 minute investment in you:)

10 minute guided healing meditation by Caroline