Amethyst Crystals | Healing, Properties & Powers

Amethyst means ‘not intoxicated’ and comes from the ancient Greek word – Amethystos. This stone is known as a “stone of calm” and it brings serenity and peace to its owner. It also helps to ease stress and anxiety, and can also be used to promote concentration and memory.

Amethyst Crystals| History

For centuries, this deep purple colour stone, whether light or dark in hue, was considered a gift from the gods and a symbol of divinity. The Egyptians used amethyst gemstones for jewellery and medicine, believing it would keep away evil spirits. The Ancient Greeks gave amethysts to newborn babies, to protect them from harm. In the Middle Ages, it became associated with Christianity, and for the Victorians, the amethyst was seen as a symbol of wealth. 

Amethystos means ‘not intoxicated’ as the Greeks recognized the grounding healing poignancy of the stone, which they thought they could use to protect them against intoxication. They wore amethyst to keep them from falling down drunk!

There is a famous Greek legend which is also associated with the Amethyst. Amethystos was a young girl who turned down Dionysus, the god of wine. The legend says that the maiden prayed to the Gods to keep her chaste, and Athena turned her into a white stone. Dionysus, driven by grief, is said to have poured wine on the stone, turning it purple.

Greek legend of Dionysus
Greek legend of Dionysus

Amethyst Crystals | Origin

From the ice-blasted corners of Siberia to the sultry rainforests of Brazil, Amethyst gemstones can be found across the globe. 

Amethyst Crystals | Detox & healing

Amethyst is known to be very useful to detoxify the body as its healing properties are associated with purification. Its energy works for healing and cleansing the body and purifying the mind.

Wearing an Amethyst gemstone pendant will help you to be free of toxic substances and other things that are harmful to the body. These include lead, arsenic, mercury, radon, chlorine and other chemicals. 

Because amethyst works at a cellular level it is useful as a healing tool for most disorders and diseases. It is known to boost hormone production as it works with the endocrine system and metabolism. 

It can cleanse the blood which in turn aids strengthening the immune system so your body can fight dis-ease.



For those people who struggle with a foggy head or migraines – Amethyst gemstones can also help clear those clouds away. Wear an amethyst pendant as a necklace, as it will be near its associated chakras which will not only boost them but will also protect you from negative energy.


Sylvies Spirit - migraine
Sylvies Spirit - migraine

Immune system

Amethyst gemstones are also known for their ability to help your body’s immune system, by fending off ailments. The calming steadying influence of amethyst can also reduce stress and anxiety levels, which will also benefit the immune system, as too much stress can cause illness.


Amethyst can help if you struggle with insomnia. It has the ability to bring plentiful rest and restore you.

For those who struggle with tension, insomnia, anxiety, and a brain that won’t switch off, your amethyst gemstones’ energy can help you find a more peaceful existence.

The purple hues of amethyst, much like the hues of lavender invite good sleep equally as well as lavender, so can be used beneath your pillow so its gentle vibrations ease anxieties bringing about slumber.

Chemical pollution

It can protect you from electromagnetic radiation, radiation, and chemical pollution. Place in front of the computer to block electromagnetic radiation.

Amethysts are considered to be one of the most powerful stones of protection energy. Its spiritual healing powers help the physical body promote the uptake of anti-oxidants that allow you to protect your body against free radical damage and any negative energy you encounter.

Wearing an amethyst gemstone releases its healing vibrations directly into the body, but it can be used equally successfully as a meditation aid.

Amethyst Crystals | For emotions

Calm and clarity

When you wear Amethyst, you will feel calmer, more relaxed and clear-headed so decision-making will become easier. Amethyst helps you to concentrate better and think straight. It will give you a feeling of being peaceful and at ease, which will help you to be happy and to relax.


When grieving it is hard to let go of someone you loved.  Amethyst helps you to remember their life and to celebrate it and the memories most cherished. Amethyst reminds us that in spirituality, there is balance – it isn’t all about bypassing the negative and thinking that spiritual awakening leads to only positive thinking.

Spirituality recognises the darkness and honours it without holding it forever in the heart. 


This stone’s energy is a clear one, so when you wear amethysts and it can help you to deal with anger and negative emotions. 

Amethyst | For the mind?

Amethyst is a great stone for clearing the mind when you need to create more balance between the mind, body and soul connection.

Physically, amethysts healing properties can be used for healthy brain function – as finding calmness in your mind will enable clear thinking.

Within this, if you have decisions to make, amethyst can help you find the calmness, and clarity to make them.

Sylvies Spirit - Clear Thinking
Sylvies Spirit - Clear Thinking

Amethyst | Help with anxiety?

Amethyst can benefit those suffering from anxiety and depression, as it clears the mind of toxic thinking, and keeps us calm, focused, and present in the here and now. Being present and working with what you have “here and now” means that you don’t worry unnecessarily about the future or the past, which promotes mindfulness. Read our Daily mindfulness checklist for more ideas on how to ease anxiety.

Amethyst will also help you form good sleep patterns as it eases tension and headaches, and as we all know getting good sleep is one of the best ways to dissipate anxiety levels.

Amethyst | For meditation?

Amethyst craves connection and aids healing, so it works with the body, mind, and soul when used for meditation.

Using amethyst to meditate will keep you centred and grounded, so you can direct your decision-making to the important things that will empower you to achieve your goals in your life. 

Amethyst is a beautiful stone to help you to understand yourself better. It can be used to bring clarity and focus,  gain strength and courage as well as helping you to be more positive and loving. 

Sylvies Spirit Meditation
Sylvies Spirit Meditation

How to Meditate with Amethyst

Do not be afraid to try meditating with Amethyst, as it is a gentle stone which should help your concentration to be able to meditate.

  • One of the properties of amethyst is to open your crown chakra by placing the gem on the top or around the top of your head during meditation.
  • You can also make a crystal grid with Amethyst and place yourself in the middle. 
  • Or hold your Amethyst worry stone to let it absorb your fears and fuel your dreams.

Amethyst Crystals | Metaphysical Properties

An amethyst stone can be useful to induce a spiritual awakening as it can promote psychic abilities. It is strongly associated with the crown and third eye chakras and helps bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms.

The association with the third eye chakra will also help you to listen to your intuition and harness it so you have a sixth-sense.

Amethyst | Third-eye chakra

Sylvies Spirit Third Eye Chakra
Sylvies Spirit Third Eye Chakra

In eastern philosophy, it is said that the third eye chakra is the spiritual centre, and as such it helps our ability to perceive reality. The colour associated with the third eye chakra is purple which links it to Amethyst.

When the third eye chakra is blocked, people may struggle with feelings of depression and anxiety, and maybe feel the weight of cynicism heavy on their souls, therefore opening the third eye can bring inspiration and confidence in your own wisdom.

Amethyst | Crown chakra

SylviesSpirit Crown Chakra
Sylvies Spirit Crown Chakra

The amethyst crystal opens the crown chakra so we can connect with the higher planes and the universe for higher leaping and learning.

When you harness the spiritual energy of the third eye and crown chakras together you can you are open to connecting to the wider universal energy, so you hear the messages that the universe has to share.

Using your intuition, from the third eye chakra, will also help you interpret the messages from the universe for your higher learning.

Amethyst | Protecting chakra energy

With Amethyst as a protective stone for the third eye and crown chakra, you will be more able to see psychic attacks before they can hurt you, and your intuition (third eye power) will inform you ahead of time if you are being targeted with emotional manipulation.

Read more about protecting your energy in our 10 Crystals to dispel negative energy blog.

Amethyst Crystals | Zodiac & Birthstone

The amethyst stone is the zodiac birthstone for Aquarians, plus being associated with the month of February. To find out more refer to our Birthstones: Ultimate astrological & monthly guide blog.

However, if you are an amethyst lover and have no association with Aquarius or February you might well be drawn to the stone because of the chakras it’s associated with, we have a FREE Chakra health guide leaflet that you can download.

I have crystal stones that appear and disappear from my collection, as I need or don't need them. I also have days when different colour stones than usual appeal to me. I often look up these crystal stones and there is always a reason.

Amethyst Crystals |  Use with other stones

Amethyst can be used with other crystal stones to add yet more healing effects to its already powerful array:

Tourmaline & Amethyst combination

Tourmaline will amplify Amethysts’ protective energy, and help you to ground yourself fully so that any negative energy is earthed the moment you encounter it.

Find out more about how Tourmaline can dispel negative energy.

Sylvies Spirit Black Tourmaline
Crystals to dispel negative energy - black tourmaline
Rose Quartz & Amethyst combination

Rose Quartz will add to those loving vibes as these two gentle stones promote harmony and balance for couples.


Sylvies Spirit - Rose quartz
Sylvies Spirit - Rose quartz
Aquamarine & Amethyst combination

Aquamarine also bring truth, tranquillity and balance.

Find out more about other blue crystals.

Blue crystals - Aquamarine
Sylvies Spirit - Aquamarine
Citrine & Amethyst combination

Citrine and Amethyst will add a burst of energy, which can be promoted using these separate stones or by purchasing an ametrine, which is a crystal that is a combination of both.

Find out more about yellow crystals.

Sylvies Spirit Citrine points
Sylvies Spirit - Citrine points

Amethyst Crystals | & Feng shui?

Sylvies Spirit Amethyst used for Feng Shui
Sylvies Spirit Amethyst used for Feng Shui

In Chinese Feng Shui, Amethyst is considered a stone of peace, meaning this stone is good in a household where there are people who need to calm down.

High-energy people can find amethyst useful as it has a calming influence.

In a household environment, you will find that having an amethyst in communal areas creates a more peaceful and happy place, which will help calm “frayed nerves” – that inevitably happen when people are living in close proximity. 

If you live in a community you may also find that wearing amethyst will help keep your mind peaceful and protected from any adverse energies – so that you can find a quiet place to get away from it all.

Amethyst Crystals | Semiprecious gemstone

Amethyst is a semiprecious purple gemstone that is a part of the quartz family. It forms in rocks that are themselves formed by volcanic activity, so it is composed of the mineral silicon dioxide which when in the presence of iron and other trace elements, comes together to give the amethyst purple hue. 

Amethyst quartz stones come in a variety of hues of purple as sometimes they may appear blue, grey, lavender, or deep purple.

Amethyst and UV

Too much exposure to sunshine may lead the amethyst purple hue to fade as the silicon, oxygen and iron composition can be affected by UV light.

Amethyst can fade in UV light
Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst can fade in UV light

Amethyst Crystals | How to cleanse stones and jewellery

There is much controversy on whether Amethyst needs to be charged or not, as it is said to be a self-energising stone, and it can also be used to charge other stones, by simply placing them on or near Amethyst. 

However, charging the crystal will do no harm, and Amethyst particularly benefits in the light of the moon, as it brings it the lunar energy it needs.  Amethyst can be left outside or on a windowsill overnight to boost its powers. 

Sylvies Spirit sage smudge stick
Sylvies Spirit sage smudge stick

Other ways to cleanse your amethysts includes:

  • Smudging the stone with palo santo or sage.
  • Using sound baths, gongs or vocal toning. With vocal toning, it’s not important to hit an exact note just take a deep breath and envision clear pure energy. Exhale, and make a tonal sound that communicates this.
  • Leave it in the presence of other cleansing and charging crystals like Selenite and Clear Quartz.
  • Holding the stone in running water for a few seconds, whilst asking it to cleanse itself of any past energies.

Clearing the amethyst stone after a healing session is good practice so that it doesn’t hold on to anyone else’s energy, whether positive or negative, as it can confuse the results of the next healing session

Amethyst | Water safe?

Amethyst scores are high on the Mohs hardness scale as it is a variety of quartz, and are therefore relatively water safe so you can wash them if needed to get rid of a build-up of dust.

However, we do not recommend lengthy exposure to water or salt water.

Amethyst | Using a cluster?

Amethyst clusters come with amazing energy which is directed by the facets throughout the space that it is in, which means you can:

  • Place them in the home to bring pure relaxation and harmony to anyone living there.
  • Place an Amethyst cluster in your workspace to promote clear thinking and creativity.
Sylvies Spirit Amethyst Cluster
Sylvies Spirit Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst | Use an amethyst pendulum

Sylvies Spirit Amethyst Pendulum
Sylvies Spirit Amethyst Pendulum

Using an amethyst as a pendulum is a good way to hone your intuitive thought and your logic and reasoning.

How to use an amethyst pendulum

Hold the amethyst pendulum and communicate with your stone, asking it to show you which movement means “yes”, then make it still again, and ask it to show you the movement for “no”.

Continue by asking a few simple, test questions, until your energies sync. Once you are sure that you have the yes and no aspects correctly interpreted, you can begin to ask deeper questions.

Amethyst | Different varieties

Amethyst combines with other minerals in different shapes and forms adding extra healing qualities and powers.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is used for vision quests within the self, as well as the physical world making it the perfect crystal for acquiring any form of spiritual growth and healing.

Sylvies Spirit Chevron Amethyst
Sylvies Spirit Chevron Amethyst
Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst is made up of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz and is only found in Namibia, Africa. Use as a healing stone to realign yourself with the Divine Source.

Sylvies Spirit Brandonberg Amethyst
Sylvies Spirit Brandonberg Amethyst
Cacoxenite Amethyst

Cacoxenite Amethyst enhances creativity by enabling new thoughts for you to experiment with. As a calming stone, it is good for “steadying” you when there is upheaval, as it raises awareness of the situation, meaning good decisions are made.

Sylvies Spirit Cacoxenite Amethyst

Ametrine combines Amethyst and Citrine within the same crystal. It promotes creativity, new ideas and insights, bringing energy and a sense of well-being.

Sylvies Spirit Ametrine
Sylvies Spirit Purple Crystals Ametrine
Rutilated Amethyst

Rutilated Amethyst contains Rutile, which is sometimes referred to as “angel hairs”, which are golden crystals of Goethite. Ametrine clears the Earth and Base Chakras, aligning the whole chakra system which facilitates clairaudience.

Sylvies Spirit Rutile Amethyst combination
Sylvies Spirit Rutile Amethyst combination

Final Thoughts on Amethyst

The amethyst crystal gemstone has been in use by different cultures for centuries and was originally used by the people in ancient Egypt to send their dead into the afterlife under the protection of this gem. 

Using the crystal stone’s ability to “protect”, can be two-pronged as it can be used against negativity inside yourself, helping you to overcome anger and resentment and bring about a sense of calm. And, it works also works well as a shield of protection so that you can tackle issues and not get overcome by them.

Sylvies Spirit Relationship
Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst can help resolve relationship issues

Using the stone for its “calming ability” is good for people who are prone to nervousness and depression.

It can also be used to help “balance” a person and can be used to resolve relationship issues as it will bring clarity so that you can use this to find a resolution.

The ability to help oneself to have “peace of mind” makes the amethyst crystal worth adding to your crystal collection.

I have an amethyst necklace and ring and I am always finding that I wear the necklace more often, as it is closer to the third-eye and crown chakras. This magnificent stone helps across the board, with the health of the body, mind and spirit, plus nurturing you, in this fast-moving world.