20 Red Colour Crystals | Meanings & benefits

I have chosen 20 red crystals for you, as the overriding benefit from all of them, is courage and passion – whether it’s a passion for life or romantic passion, these energetic red crystals will add some spice to your life! If you are lethargic and unmotivated with little enthusiasm, red crystals will get you back on track.

Why use red crystals?

Strength: Red colour crystals will bolster, and recharge at all levels – body, mind and soul.

Success: Red gems increase “motivation” which can be tapped into to create abundance. Instead of dreaming of success, you will be ready to focus to make success happen.

Courage: The colour red itself symbolises action and courage, as all red gems increase the wearer’s metabolic rate and enthusiasm for life.

Protection: Red gems add a layer of protection to the wearer from the root/base up.

Red crystals - means strength
Red crystals - for strength

Red colour crystals help in healing

All red gemstones have the overriding power to detoxify, bringing the body back to peak performance. Carrying or wearing red crystal stones boosts metabolism – as they are associated with the element fire.

Red crystals for healing

Red colour crystals help relationships

Red crystals - Relationships

Red will stir up your life chi, giving you more confidence in sexual partnerships. Associated with the root/base red gems will make you feel dynamic and stable – enabling you to create a supportive union.

Red colour crystals & wealth

Red crystals are high vibrational, active stones that help you get out there and achieve your goal of abundance.

Meaning of the colour red

The colour red symbolises love and is associated with passion, plus vibrance and confidence.

Negative: Used to “alarm” the viewer it can act as a warning. Red is eye-catching which is why fire engines, stop signs, and emergency signals are all red. 

Red gems and the root/base chakra

Red is the colour of the root/base so all red crystals are related to this chakra and will enable you to balance its energy. Gems that have multi-red, yellow and orange tones can be used to energise the sacral and solar plexus as well.

The root is your “base” – think of your home, the place you feel safe and can relax. If you have experienced trauma regarding your home space, you will have to work on your root/base energy to clear blockages, or mute it if it is too open – download our chakra guide for information on how.

If your root/base has been compromised, as you can imagine, the chakras above will suffer too as the power from the earth will no longer pass up the body to feed them, this affects in particular, the sacral and solar plexus. For more information on the subtle energy that flows through our bodies: 7 Chakras meanings and a simple balancing meditation blog. A crystal with multi tones/shades heading more towards orange, like Sunstone, can heal the root/base and sacral, see the images of crystals below for more in-depth information.

Energetically, you’ll notice red crystals have stronger power as they hold masculine energy, and the ones with a tint of red, have feminine energy.

Red crystals - root/base chakra energy
Red crystals engergise root/base chakra energy

Feeling low? At a crossroads?

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How to work with red crystals

Hold the crystal you have chosen in your hand and if it heats up, it is aligned with you so this is the red crystal for you. Wear crystal jewellery or carry gems with you – it doesn’t matter whether they are tumbled/polished or in a raw state, just remember to cleanse them after use.

Red in Feng Shui 

The colour red in Feng Shui is fire, so these gems can be used in the home to give your life the boost it needs or to enhance your standing in the family space. However, they should be used in moderation as they are potent.

20 Red colour crystals

I have chosen these red crystals for you and they are categorised as dark red and light/clear red below as they each have subtly different qualities.

Sylvies Spirit Red crystal necklace

Dark red colour crystals

When the red is tinted with shades of brown or black, there is an earthy quality, so expect to feel more grounded – they can be used to increase devotion, and increase awareness to see the serious side of life.

Masculine – Durable & quiet passion

Achievement, bountiful, devotion to others, indifference (dealing with), mature love, mothering, passion, rewards, seriousness, soul mate, talent, tenacity.

Light red & clear red colour crystals

Masculine – Emotionally intense, raising blood pressure and speeding up the metabolism.

Action, apathy (curing), conviction, courage, drive, energy, fearlessness, fortitude, glory, inner strength, lethargy (banishing), self-worth, and success in exploring the unknown.

Light red and clear red crystals

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Dark red crystals (where the red is tinted brown or black)

Red Carnelian

Sylvies spirit carnelian
Sylvies spirit red carnelian

Red carnelian: Creativity, Physical Vitality & Grounding.

The grounding quality of red carnelian brings with it a love of nature and insight into the cycle of life – bringing a more serene existence. Red carnelian will also aid sociability and emotional warmth.

Red carnelian & the root/base: Associated with the root, red carnelian can calm fears of death, and help with past-life recall. 

Red carnelian recuperation: Menopause, menstruation, stimulates breast milk, epilepsy, cures nose bleeds.

Red jasper

Red jasper means: Wholeness, protection and grounding.

The body, mind connection you achieve with this stone means you find wholeness and be grounded, which means you will be more yourself in your encounters with other people – making your connections more fulfilling. 

Red Jasper & the root/base: The root connection here means red jasper enhances sexual pleasure, with the added benefit of aligning all energy centres for holistic wellness. 

Red jasper recuperation: The ‘stone of health’, is beneficial for strengthening the circulatory system.

Sylvies spirit red jasper
Sylvies spirit red jasper

Red cinnabar

Sylvies spirit red cinnabar
Sylvies spirit red cinnabar

Red cinnabar: Dignity, vitality and power.

Red cinnabar is a dignified gem that will bring a feeling of assurance that everything is going to be ok. Red cinnabar also connects you to the source of all being.

Merchants stone: If you have aspirations to become wealthy, red cinnabar will help you be persuasive and effective at facilitating this. Pop a piece of red cinnabar in the cash box to increase your income. 

Red cinnabar & the root/base recuperation: Associated with the root, red cinnabar is useful to rid the body of blockages.

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1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

2.Download our FREE chakra guide today! 

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Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

Red hematite

Red hematite: Balance & stability.

Add this grounding gem to your wishlist as is perfect for feeling emotional clarity. Red hematite can also stimulate self-control and the desire to find inner happiness.

Red hematite & the root/base recuperation: Associated with the root red hematite can focus on healing to balance the body, mind and spirit.

Sylvies spirit red hematite
Sylvies spirit red hematite

Red sardonyx

Sylvies spirit red sardonyx
Sylvies spirit - red sardonyx

Sardonyx: Meaning is for protection, strength, vigour & self-control.

With the increase in your perceptive powers, use sardonyx to find and create successful relationships with friends and your life partner.  

Sardonyx increases willpower and dissolves negativity, with the knock-on effect that stamina and vigour are increased – as the body and mind are working as one.

It attracts friends and good fortune and can bring happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships.

Sardonyx & the root/base: Associated with the root red sardonyx has been used for protection throughout history.

Sardonyx recuperation: Sardonyx can heal bones and lungs, strengthen the immune system, and regulates metabolism.

Red agate

Means passion, love and perseverance are all qualities of red agate. This will warm you up with its fiery hues, even when you feel the flame has gone out. Cleansing any negative energy red agate restores a firm footing.

Red agate & the root/base, sacral & solar plexus: Associated with the root and sacral, red agates vibration can also balance the solar plexus, heart, and third eye. The red agate promotes safety, grounding and vitality.

Red agate recuperation: People who suffer from feelings of doubt due to past experiences and tribulations, tend to build up an emotional wall, but with Red Agate you can break down barriers and live life to the fullest.

Sylvies spirit - Red Agate
Sylvies spirit - Red Agate

Red beryl

Sylvies spirit - red beryl
Sylvies spirit - red beryl

Red beryl’s meaning will help you to find your own potential through intuition – including when to push forward and when to hold back. When you embrace kindness and forgiveness of self and others you will find a smooth path forward.

Red beryl & the root/base: Red beryl’s influence over the root creates a sense of self, which adds to the feeling of security and inspires leadership, as you experience your own power.

Red beryl recuperation: Red beryl acts as a detox of the circulatory system and as such has an effect on the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas and stomach. The cleansing power helps both the respiratory and the digestive systems and is known to combat ulcers. It also adds the thyroid and parathyroid balancing their energies.

Red aventurine

Red aventurines mean protection and detox, bringing an extra burst of energy to the wearer. It helps metabolic rate which combats low blood pressure and helps all physical issues and the skin to heal.

Red aventurine & the root/base & heart: This heart energy stone will raise your energies and open the flow of chi in the body, dispersing negativity. Physically you will feel able to rouse love in your heart in a strong and healthy way.

Red aventurine recuperation: Enhancing circulation and building your immune system red aventurine by balancing the root.

Sylvies spirit - red aventurine
Sylvies spirit - red aventurine

Red malachite

Sylvies spirit - red malachite
Sylvies spirit - red malachite

Malachite meaning is transition and change, and red malachite adds to this by bringing wise old energy to the fore to aid reflection in times of change. 

Red malachite & the root/base & heart: Associated with the heart red malachite brings stability whilst you expand your consciousness and offers protection whilst the healing transition takes place.

Red malachite recuperation: Strength and stamina are found across all colours of malachite as these stones draw out negative energies from the body, relieving depression.

The red malachite due to its association with the root/base helps with the menstrual cycle and childbirth.

Red quartz

Think harmony when using red quartz. It will act as an amplifier of positivity and dispel the negative. For relationships, red quartz can strengthen as it is the symbol of love, affection, friendship, and loyalty. 

Red quartz & the root/base: Activating the root for fortitude and protection the red quartz crystal might feel a little in your face as the strong energy will reawaken your sense of self – restarting your engine!

Red quartz recuperation: Red quartz is for detoxification and as such, it works well on liver and kidney function so you can avoid disease by fighting off the toxins that cause it – also aiding the autoimmune system.

Healers say red quartz improves the chance of conceiving and helps babies develop in the womb.

Sylvies spirit- red quartz
Sylvies spirit- red quartz

Light red and clear red crystals

Red calcite

Red calcite: Protection of, in particular, energetic, physical and emotional boundaries. 

Red calcite will increase energy and bring a feeling of peace to enable you to live life on your terms. It will also help prevent you from overextending yourself, and being manipulated.

Red calcite & the root/base: This powerful magnifier, so is a must on your wishlist, as it will open and activate the root and restore motivation, linking you to a higher level of physical energy.

Red calcite can also be used to enable psychic abilities.

Red Calcite recuperation: For women, red calcite will balance hormones, and help you absorb the minerals you need for pregnancy and childbirth.

Sylvies spirit red calcite
Sylvies spirit red calcite

Red garnet

Sylvies spirit garnet
Sylvies spirit red garnet

Red garnet: Truth, love, passion & physical vitality.

Associated with the blood, lungs and heart, this crystal will bring serenity and clear negativity. It energises and revitalises so you can experience love with sensuality, intimacy and passion. 

Red garnet & the root/base: Associated with the root red garnet can help past-life recall, and inspire more productivity.

Red garnet recuperation: Treats spinal and cell disorders, like anaemia.  Its’s energy aids heart and lung health.

Red topaz

Red topaz: Endeavour, love and success.

Known as the stone of true love red topaz vibrates with an ethereal magnetic effect, so aids the laws of attraction and manifestation. It will help you to manifest your desires from the universe, enhancing your awareness of expansiveness and bringing the confidence to succeed.

Red topaz & the root/base: Associated with the root, red topaz is known as the Crystal of Potency, making you will be more receptive and willing to act. 

Sylvies spirit red topaz
Sylvies spirit red topaz


Sylvies spirit ruby
Sylvies spirit - ruby

This clear red crystal brings out your emotional side, it is the ‘spark of light’ that will dispel darkness from body, mind and spirit. It will gather and amplify energy which you can use for passion, or mental concentration. It brings with it spiritual wisdom, the knowledge of the ancients and wealth – so you will succeed on all levels.

Ruby & the root/base & heart: Stimulating the heart and shielding the heart from emotional attacks the ruby gathers energy and amplifies it.

Ruby recuperation: Purifies the blood, and can help women through childbirth. The ruby can also remove blockages on a physical level e.g. Constipation.


Sylvies spirit morganite
Sylvies spirit morganite

Morganite can not only bring love into your life, but it can also help sustain it. It is associated with the activation of gain into one’s life so that it might cultivate your spirit and align it with the eternal soul.

Morganite & the root/base & heart: Although the red colour is associated with the root, morganite is an activator of the heart too. It will cleanse and energise your heart so you have loving thoughts and actions too.

Morganite recuperation: Morganite has influence over the heart and will have an emotional benefit on self-control.

Sunstone (clear)

Sylvies spirit - sunstone
Sylvies spirit - sunstone

This gem has a mixture of soft pinks, reds, and even a hint of orange, so its gentle energy will activate the lower chakras and nurture them like the warmth of the sun.

Sunstone & the root/base, sacral & solar plexus: Working with the root/base, sacral and solar plexus the sunstone dispels negative energy from all creating harmony.

Sunstone recuperation: Use sunstone as a mental dose of vitamin D, as this stone helps on darker days. Sunstone helps with joint pain, particularly rheumatism and aids metabolic rate – bringing more energy to the wearer.

Red citrine (Clear)

Citrine is known as the merchant stone bringing abundance to those who wear it. Red citrine brings an abundance to the heart creating a voracious appetite for joy.

Red citrine & the root/base, sacral & solar plexus: Red citrine will work with all of the lower energy centres, and in particular the solar plexus as it cultivates personal power.

Red citrine healing: Citrine is a detox aid which helps the liver and kidneys and improves circulation. It also stimulates better digestion.

Sylvies spirit - Red Citrine
Sylvies spirit - Red Citrine

Red chalcedony

Sylvies spirit - red calcedony
Sylvies spirit - red calcedony

Working with the nervous system red chalcedony balances and calms, so the fight or flight response stays in check, for those who suffer flighty moods.

Red chalcedony & the root/base: Chalcedony crystals are used to enable energy to move between chakras and balance them by activating the throat so that it can be the voice of the body – enabling you to talk through issues and embrace the options.

Red chalcedony recuperation: Red chalcedony works with the parasympathetic nervous system bringing strength and endurance.

Red diamond

Diamonds are symbols of eternity and the red diamond takes this up a notch to change us into an eternal flame ready to set the world on fire.

Red diamond & the crown & root/base: Diamonds are associated with the crown, and with the red aspect, the base/root will also be engaged giving you the chance to rekindle vitality and passion. 

Red diamond healing: Diamonds render a very positive aura on the brain and heart in particular. They are thought to drive away bad dreams, fight depression and prevent apoplexy.

Sylvies spirit - Red Diamond
Sylvies spirit - Red Diamond

Red coral

Sylvies spirit - Red Coral

Boosting strength and determination the red coral was thought of as the “daughter of the sea” by the Ancient Greeks. It harnesses your inner warrior imparting courage, so you can overcome fear.

Red coral & the root/base: Red coral is associated with the base/root and helps us to find the courage and feel secure and cared for.

Red coral healing: This is the best gem for self-esteem as red coral brings inner courage to move forward.

Whether you are looking for love, or needing to find friends you can rely on – look no further than your red crystals.

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Namaste x