8 White & clear crystals meanings

Not bound to one chakra and ruled by the moon, white and clear crystal stones have angelic energy and are the master healers. White is a symbol of purity, innocence, surrender and angelic energy, as white light reaches beyond our earthly plane. 

They include:

  • Selenite (White Crystal Selenite)
  • Howlite Stone
  • White Quartz Crystal
  • White Amethyst
  • White Topaz
  • White Sapphire 
  • White Cat’s Eye Moonstone 
  • White Opal

White & clear crystal stones - chakras

With chakras you can often use the colours that symbolise their energy, for example, orange for the sacral chakra, and match your crystal colours to them. But white & clear crystal stones have master healing qualities so they can:

  • Work with any chakra
  • Many of them can cleanse other crystal stones
  • Amplify the energies of other crystal stones

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White & clear crystal stones - for meditation

Because white & clear crystal stones are imbued with pure light energy, they work to deepen mediative states.

They will act as a conduit for a clear path of energy radiating out and communicating with the cosmos – so you can expand your consciousness, surrender to balance, trust, and see the bigger picture that is being presented to you.

White & clear crystal stones - and the moon

Ruled by the moon white and clear crystal stones will be the light to guide and protect you when darkness falls, whether this is physical or figurative darkness. I see then as a ray of moonlight, which always shines on me, no matter where I am. 

I find them comforting like a warm blanket on a cold night. I really recommend putting them at your bedside and around the house for  24 hour protection, and to ease you to sleep, and find peace and peaceful dreams when you are in the dream state.

White & clear crystal stones - healing

Considered to be the ‘master healers’ white & clear crystal stones are connected to gentle feminine energy, and channel the white light of the universe purifying your body, mind, and soul. 

Think of them as crystallising your purpose in life! By acknowledging your spiritual side and working with all the assets the world has to offer you will find peace in the journey of life, and you can take the next step to transform into your highest sense of self.  

White & clear crystal stones - that should not be washed/cleansed

These crystals should not be washed/cleansed with water as they are porous and will dissolve, or split, these include:

  • Selenite (White Crystal Selenite)
  • Howlite Stone
  • White Sodalite
  • Iceland Spar

White & clear crystal stones - that can cleanse other stones

The white light of some white & clear crystal stones can bring in the energy of the universe and as such, they are powerful enough to not absorb any negative energy either.  These include:

  • Selenite (White Crystal)
  • White quartz stones

The energy that these stones emit is so strong that it will cleanse any crystals left near them for 12 hours. I find that having a geode and placing other crystals on it overnight is perfect, it is like leaving your phone on charge overnight! 

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White & clear crystal stones - list of stones and their meaning

I have compiled a list of white & clear crystal stones which you can use to get to know their meanings. If you see one that particularly resonates with you, that will be the one to choose.

I often just look at the photos of the stones, and ask myself which one do I need to help me, and then when I read the meanings, I always find they fit the issues I need to be working on. 

Selenite white crystal stone

Sylvies Spirit Selenite
Sylvies Spirit - Selenite

Selenite meaning: Purify, neutralise and protect

Selenite chakra: This master healer is associated with the moon and its feminine energy will cleanse all chakras. Place around your house, or in public places, and this magical stone neutralises energies that seek to bring harm to that space. 

Selenite can be used to cleanse at the deepest level, which will include cleansing your other stones. Simply leave them overnight near a selenite stone, so that all are cleansed. I have a candle holder made of selenite which I think really looks beautiful with other crystals placed around it.

Selenite healing: Skeletal issues including aligning the spine and strengthening the skeletal system. Reversing free radical damage in cell structure to rejuvenate skin, hair, and eyes.

Howlite white crystal stone

Howlite meaning: Patience, stimulating memory, intuition, & emotional expression.

Howlite chakra: Howlite connects to the third eye chakra, which governs inner wisdom and deep intuition – so howlite can help you have a newfound sense of awareness.

With this awareness, you might also find that you have a quest for knowledge and your brain will switch on stimulating old memories.

If you are in a stressful situation and find that you have very little patience howlite can unburden your overactive mind, and enable you to express emotional concerns as it targets communication.

Howlite healing: Howlite is associated with calcium levels, and it can enable the body to be better able to absorb calcium which not only contributes to bone health but plays a part in muscle cell function.

For insomnia, place a piece of howlite under your pillow to relax your mind.

Howlite can be used to create fake turquoise: It has a soft chalky texture, whereas turquoise is much more of a glassy texture. Unfortunately, when it is used as fake turquoise it will tend to fade in sunlight – which is often how we realise it is fake!

Sylvies Spirit - Howlite
Sylvies Spirit - Howlite

White quartz crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit White Quartz
Sylvies Spirit White Quartz

White quartz meaning: Letting go, recognising and accepting your limitations & accessing deeper inner meaning.

White quartz chakra: Referred to as milky quartz, the white quartz originated as a regular quartz, so it has the qualities of both regular and white. Both are associated with the crown chakra and have the power of the universe, they are calming and offer you the channel to inner wisdom.

When forming the milky quartz has water bubbles in it which has caused the milky texture, it harmonises all chakras and is known as the observation crystal, as it sharpens the mind.

It can help you to think before you speak if you are prone to being hot-headed. It will change your pace, to one that is more manageable so you feel less frustrated.

White quartz healing: White quartz absorbs negativity and disease-causing energies. 

White amethyst crystal stones

White amethyst meaning: Intuition & mental clarity.

White amethyst chakra: With purple and white ray energy amethyst opens the third eye and crown to mysticism and psychic abilities. It will protect you too, as you travel these realms.

Intuition will be enhanced using the white amethyst energy and mental clarity will bring relief from stressful situations, and a feeling of serenity.

White amethyst healing: Enhancing the immune system, improving endocrine function, improving the skin’s appearance, promoting digestive health, reducing headaches and regulating hormones.

Sylvies Spirit White Amethyst
Sylvies Spirit White Amethyst

White/clear topaz crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit White Topaz
Sylvies Spirit White Topaz

White topaz meaning: Knowledge, meaning and self-confidence.

White topaz chakra: associated with the crown chakra, this clear crystal can inspire you across the board, bringing self-confidence, so that you can build more knowledge and find meaning for your life path.

No matter where you are in life now, the white topaz will inspire new hope so that you find peace and love.

White topaz healing: Said to manifest health, the white topaz combats anorexia and fortifies the nerves. It can also stimulate metabolic function and correct vision.

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White/clear sapphire crystal stones

White/clear Sapphire meaning: Intuition, protection, & to attract & amplify kindness.

White/clear Sapphire chakra: The white ray energy associated with the crown chakra makes this stone soulful. You can connect to the part of your soul that is exclusive to you, not the part that you project to others but your spirit. You can connect and have a clarity of vision and intuitive thought will become easier as it has direct access to your spirit. 

This stone also offers a high level of protection, so you can travel within your soul safely, and perform deeper meditations.

White/clear Sapphire healing: The ‘wisdom stone’ releases mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion, restoring balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes, bringing serenity and peace of mind.

Sylvies Spirit White Sapphire
Sylvies Spirit White Sapphire

White Cat’s Eye Moonstone crystals

Sylvies Spirit White Cats-eye Moonstone
Sylvies Spirit White Cats-eye Moonstone

Cat’s eye moonstone meaning: Stabilised energetic body, hope & purity.

Cat’s eye moonstone chakra: Associated with the crown chakra and the moon, meaning that this crystal has feminine energy, the cat’s eye moonstone enables men and women to balance their male and female sides – this acceptance of both sides, your yin and yang, will stabilise the energetic body benefiting holistically.

Sensitivity and nurture are needed by men and women alike, and it is in our tribal nature to take care of the members of our tribe.

Avoiding your sensitive side, in a vain attempt to appear strong, will alienate you from others.

Cat’s eye moonstone healing: Relieving you from anxiety and stress, this youthful crystal brings forth hope and a positive attitude.

Self-confidence and memory are enhanced, and with that creativity, as you gain a new perspective.

White opal crystal stones

White opal meaning: Enhancing and purifying physical awareness.

White opal chakra: The energy from the heavens can be harnessed, and will enter your body through the crown chakra, with which white opal is associated.

This energy is purifying, and will target the whole of your energetic system, but it will never hit you with more than you can handle.

I great crystal for beginners and a potent one at that, bringing increased awareness and perception.

White opal healing: An amazing detox, white opal is like a spa treatment – it can also reduce insomnia and to provide a deeper and more restful sleep.

Sylvies Spirit White Opal
Sylvies Spirit White Opal

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.

Namaste x