Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals

The 10 crystals I have chosen for you correspond with chakras, so you can bring balance and peace to your body, mind and home.

Crystal healing has been around for centuries, and this “Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals” blog will give you the confidence to get started you can’t go wrong with using crystals, it is touchy-feely – so you’ll know when you are on the right track, as it will feel comforting.

Feeling low? At a crossroads?

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1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

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Beginners guide for using crystals

Simply hold a crystal in your hand and see if it heats up.

You might think it is just from the heat of your hand, but when you have a few crystals you’ll realise that some really respond and others stay cold.

I have a set of tumble stones that I rummage through, and the crystal I need always makes itself apparent as it gets superheated in my hand. I then carry that crystal with me for the rest of the day. 

If you have a problem that you are trying to solve, again choose the crystal as above, so it’s a random choice and see which crystal presents itself, then check out the qualities below. They will give you an insight into the solution. Now hold the crystal in your hand and meditate (using Mindfulness), clear your mind, for a few minutes and then think of the problem again after, does it now have a different perspective? Also, carry your crystal around with you every day until the problem resolves, so it is a talisman. I talk more on talismans, in my ’10 crystals to drive away negative energy’ blog.

Crystals come in various forms, but again choose what appeals:

Worry stones – are shaped so they sit really nicely in your hand. They are real comforters.

Tumble stones – are small pieces, that have been polished so you can see the beautiful depth of colour, these are great for popping in your pocket or purse.

Raw crystals – are uncut geodes, which are truly amazing, ideal for around the house and on window sills, as they catch the light and can protect and calm the whole house.

Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals

Not making great choices?

Making bad decisions?

1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

2.Download our FREE chakra guide today! 

3. Realise what is holding you back

Find yourself and:

  • Learn how to bring energy to the chakra that is causing the issue
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Beginners guide to 10 chakras

The 10 crystals below work with chakras, which are energy centres that align with the spine.

They are revolving disks of energy that should be equally balanced – when they are not, it will cause ‘dis-ease’; which means a lack of health. If your dis-ease is left untreated then it is likely to eventually cause disease, as a presenting illness.

Here is my beginners’ guide to 10 crystals that will align with your chakras:


Selenite chakra position: Higher crown

Selenite qualities: Ease of use. Selenite is easy to use and connect with and doesn’t need cleansing or recharging.

Selenite benefits: Selenite is white light energy with steady vibrations. Soothe, cleanse and purify. Selenite clears out negative energy helping you to feel instantly more positive.

Selenite uses: Selenite is perfect to cleanse and protect. You can use it on your body, as it gently soothes, and/or around your house, place on window sills, to protect your home and block negative energy.

Sylvies Spirit Selenite
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - selenite


Citrine chakra position: Crown

Citrine qualities: Cleansing and regenerating. It harnesses the energy of the sun, and I always feel like it’s a ray of sunlight, which I love during the winter months – its yellow colour makes me feel like the sun’s out, even when it’s a dull day.

It transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy.

Citrine benefits: Citrine is associated with the crown chakra, which means it can open you up to intuitive thoughts, which is why it is particularly useful to creative people.

It also brings abundance when used to manifest your desires. Feng Shui tip – Place a citrine point, pointing inwards in the farthest left corner of your house to bring in wealth.

I also talk about Manifestation in my: ‘Can I manifest desires quickly?’ blog.

Citrine uses: Citrine promotes joy in life, and is an aura protector and balancer. It aids confidence and can help you to speak your mind.

Sylvies Spirit citrine
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - citrine


Sodalite chakra position: Third eye

Sodalite qualities: Sodalite is good for the mind. 

Sodalite benefits: Rigid mindsets as it stimulates the release of conditioning, phobias and guilt. In group work it brings solidarity.

Sodalite uses: Sodalite (blue crystal) encourages rational thought and perception.

It is particularly useful to defensive or over-sensitive personalities, as it balances personalities, and allows you to recognise parts of yourself that you might not usually admit to. This can then be recognised and accepted without judgment.

Sylvies Spirit Sodalite
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - sodalite


Amethyst chakra position: Throat

Amethyst qualities: Chakra: Amethyst aligns with the throat and crown chakras, balancing the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Working at aura level, the violet coloured Amethyst purifies and helps bring divine wisdom.

Amethyst benefits: Amethyst calms as it has a gentle vibration that affects not just the body but the spirit too. It balances out highs and lows leaving you centred and relaxed.

Amethyst uses: Amethyst is perfect for easing tension, easing you to sleep, curing headaches, and for relaxation.

Wear it near, or place it near the third eye or throat, so on the bedside table is perfect. It will keep you feeling calm, and help restful sleep, as you will have psychic protection as you dream.

Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst
Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst

Green calcite

Green Calcite chakra position: Higher heart

Green Calcite qualities: There are other stones that you can use for the higher heart chakra, but green calcite is readily available, and it has a gentle heart and higher heart energy. It stimulates compassion and helps you think differently, especially in times of stress.

Green Calcite benefits: It is a strong healing crystal, that can heal at all levels: body, mind and spirit. 

Green Calcite uses: Use to help forgive yourself and others so that you can move on and navigate change. Only by releasing your concerns will you move on.

Sylvies Spirit Green Calcite
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - green calcite

Feel like something is missing?

Find yourself

1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

2.Download our FREE chakra guide today! 

3. Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life.

Work with your chakra energies to balance you and:

  • Gain better health
  • Find peace in your mind 
  • Top-up your energies daily

Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

Rose quartz

Rose quartz chakra position: Heart

Rose quartz qualities: The pink coloured rose quartz represents love and has been used to bring love into people’s lives, and to keep family bonds strong, for centuries.

Rose quartz benefits: This gentle crystal is a must-have as it comforts and promotes peace. Place at the centre of your home and promote tenderness and compassion.

Rose quartz uses: Awaken the goddess inside you. Place in your home and manifest new love, or refresh your loving partnership.

This crystal emits feminine energy, which helps you let yourself be loved, and feel confident enjoying the attention that brings.


Sylvies Spirit Rose Quartz
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - rose quartz

Tigers eye

Tigers eye chakra position: Solar Plexus

Tigers eye qualities: This protective stone, also promotes integrity. 

Tigers eye benefits: Differentiates between ‘what you want and what you need’, so you can work towards manifesting a future from a grounded perspective.

Tigers eye uses: Tigers eye integrates both sides of the brain, ying-yang, to enhance perception. It can be particularly useful for personality disorders, as it helps with negative self-worth and heals the need to be overly self-critical. It resolves dilemmas and helps addictive personalities make the changes they need.

Sylvies Spirit tigers eye
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - tigers eye


Red carnelian chakra position: Sacral

Red carnelian qualities: This is a high energy red stone, that grounds and anchors you to the present.

Red carnelian benefits: Enabling creativity, but anchors daydreamers to everyday life.

Red carnelian uses: Restoring vitality of the sacral chakra, and body/mind connection, this stone stops apathy and promotes success.

Sylvies Spirit Carnelian
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - carnelian

Smokey quartz

Smoky quartz chakra position: Base

Smoky quartz qualities: As you can imagine this is a grounding, anchoring stone representing the base chakra. 

Smoky quartz benefits: Promotes positive pragmatic thoughts and dissolves negatives.

Smoky quartz uses: Alleviates suicidal tendencies, and tolerance to stress, as it deeply relaxes and neutralises negative energy.

It can even be used to block electromagnetic smog as it detoxifies at all levels.

Sylvies Spirit- Smokey quartz
Sylvies Spirit- Smokey quartz


Hematite chakra position: Earth

Hematite qualities: Hematite is grounding at all levels – it keeps the soul with the body.

Hematite benefits: Hematite protects the soul when it is out of body journeying and pulls it back to the body so it becomes grounded. 

Hematite uses: Imparts confidence and reliability and helps sort out problems of all kinds – with most particular emphasis being on legal, technical and mathematical problems.

It can also be used to dispel negative energy which has caused addictions and to come to terms with mistakes.

Sylvies Spirit Hematite
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - hematite

Beginners guide to crystal science

Crystals have a stable and unchanging energy pattern, and each one has a unique frequency, which is why they are used in watches and ultrasound machines.

If you think of them as acting like ‘tuning forks’ for our body’s chakras, then it starts to make sense, that they can be used to re-energise or to quiet an overactive energy field.

If you would like more information on how crystals are formed, why they have powerful energy, and how they relate to chakras, Annie’s video inset below, gives a fast-track overview that is really interesting:

Beginners guide to cleansing your crystals

Selenite and amethyst have the power to cleanse your other crystals. I have an amethyst geode which I sit my other crystals on regularly to recharge them.  Moonlight is also used for cleansing, so putting them on a window sill works too. 

Giving your crystals a rest to recharge is important.

I have an amethyst necklace that I was pretty addicted to wearing, and it has seen me through many a crisis. On one crisis occasion is started to develop a crack/fissure, as I think it was working particularly hard for me. I retired it to the window sill and allowed it to soak up moonlight for a few weeks and to my surprise and pleasure, the crack had gone.

You can also place your crystals in running water to wash away any negativity that might build up in them. DO NOT: However, get Selenite near water as it will soak it up.

Best wishes


Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals