7 Yellow crystal stones: Traits, chakras, healing & relationships

The 7 yellow crystal stones’ that we have chosen for you can empower you with willpower, feeling comfortable with your sexuality, emotional experience, and new beginnings. Their association with the Solar plexus chakra, which is also yellow, means that they will encourage you to be more at peace with who you are; and enjoy your power and sexuality confidently. 

They have gentle health giving qualities too, which include curing lethargy and boosting the immune system. 

I think of them as the sun as seeing them, and the sun, makes me energised and like a dose of Vitamin D.

Below are the meanings of 7 yellow crystal stones:

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Yellow crystals stones traits

Symbolising wisdom, yellow crystal stones have intelligent energies which you can use across all aspects of your life.

If you looking to become successful in business, achieve enlightenment and have fulfilling relationships with family and friends – look no further than these sunlight filled crystals.

Yellow crystals stones positive traits

Yellow crystal stones for energy: If you are needing to add a little zest back into your life then yellow crystals will bring exhilaration, enthusiasm and excitement. 

Yellow crystal stones for new beginnings: Hope and optimism will open you up to new experiences 

Yellow crystal stones for clarity: If you need to be alert and active, yellow crystals can boost your mental and physical energies.

You’ll find that things that use to confuse and frustrate you will come more easily to you.

Yellow crystals stones for communication: With your increased alertness, you will be able to more easily communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, verbalising your needs, which will help you achieve a higher consciousness.

Yellow crystals stones for optimism: The clarity that yellow crystals bring will make you realise the important things in life, leaving trivial pursuits and arguments behind.

Yellow crystals stones for intuition: Working at a higher level of consciousness will enable you to take in your surroundings and see the subtle nuances that people think go unnoticed, which will mean you choose better friends, and avoid thoughtless people.

Yellow Crystals

Yellow crystals stones and the sacral and solar plexus chakra

The Sacral chakra is coloured orange which is formed by mixing red and yellow, so yellow crystals will have associated traits with the sacral chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra, which is yellow.

You can check out my 7 chakras meanings and simple balancing meditation blog for more in-depth detail on chakras.

Sacral chakra meaning (orange): When the sacral chakra is not balanced it will manifest as low self-esteem, and less ability to enjoy pleasure.

Solar plexus chakra meaning (yellow): Personal power – In a world driven by perfectionism it’s hard to feel totally at peace with how we look and who we are, we often settle for who we feel we should be.

When this chakra is weak self-criticism is your limiting factor, so you need to accept all parts of yourself to move forward. Self-acceptance will be the catalyst for you to find inner peace.

Yellow crystals stones for leaders: Decisive, persuasive, & precise

By elevating your level of consciousness you will find it easy to lead, as people follow people who speak their truth.

If you want to then elevate your status and are willing to work towards this, use your yellow crystals to manifest your desires.

See my ‘Can I manifest desires quickly?’ blog. 

Yellow crystals stones for relationships

As yellow crystals bring clarity and purpose to users, they also boost confidence. If you are a little timid around your sexuality, this confidence can help you find the courage to radiate loving and comforting energy with your partner, taking your relationship to the next level.

New relationships: Yellow Crystals will give you the power to solidify new romantic interests, getting them off to a great start, so you have firm foundations to build from.

You will also have more awareness of what your partner needs, as you can encourage them with your heightened abilities as you are better able to  ‘read them’ and have empathy.

Arguments: Using yellow crystals will enhance your ability to neutralise yours and your partners anger, as you will always have a positive outlook on your life together.

You will also have increased self worth – so you won’t stand for stupidity, and will work to restore balance between you.

Yellow crystals stones for friendship

Make up for lost time with friends that have maybe fallen by the way side as you quest to improve your life.

Yellow crystals can help you concentrate your efforts towards them so they feel your love and focus, and continue on the journey of life with you.

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Yellow crystal stones for wealth

Promoting prosperity, the gold colour, of yellow crystals brings with it riches.

By working with the energy and positive mental attitude from your yellow crystals you will find it easier to amass wealth.

Working with yellow crystal stones

Yellow crystals stones are made into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings meaning you can have them with you everyday, all day.

This will bolster your resolve, improve communication and promote success.

Use yellow crystals stones to:

  • Aid public speaking
  • Increase eloquence
  • Improve mental awareness
  • Aid decision making
  • Boost energy

As part of yellow crystal stones ability to improve cognitive function, they can be used to aid a restful nights sleep.

Placing a yellow crystal under your pillow will quiet the mind, promoting restful sleep.

Yellow crystals stones for meditation

If you are exploring hidden and deeper meaning within your meditation practice, yellow crystal stones will enhance your ability and insight.

Yellow crystals stones for healing

Like Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, yellow crystals can boost the immune system, acting as a natural anti-viral, and reduce inflammation. This boost to the immune system, will in turn, help in the treatment of depression, lethargy, and chronic fatigue.

With a boosted immune system your ability to fight off colds and flu, dry cough, sinusitis, bronchitis pneumonia and emphysema will be enhanced. 

The Vitamin D like qualities will also strengthen teeth and bones, so can be used to treat osteoporosis and repair posture damage.

They can help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatism, arthritis and gout. 

Yellow Crystal stones work well with

Yellow crystals work well with each other and you can also combine these with other stones that are associated with different chakras to boost the qualities of those stones and chakras:

Combine with these stones to enhance mental clarity: Pietersite, Celestite, Sunstone, Titanite, or Blue Azurite.

Combine with these stones for manifestation: Golden Yellow Citrine, Chalcopyrite, Cassiterite, Golden Topaz, Cinnabar, Amber, Sunstone, Libyan Gold Tektite, and Fire Agate.

Combine with these stones for psychic abilities:  Natrolite, Stellar Beam Calcite, or Phenacite,  Petalite, Danburite, Herderite, Scolecite, and Zircon.

Combine with these stones for creativity and imagination: Pietersite, Brazilianite, Orange Carnelian, Orange Creedite, Golden Labradorite, Orange Calcite, Orange Sardonyx, Orange Zincite, or Peach Aventurine.

Combine with these stones for weight loss: Green Tourmaline, Ametrine, Gaspeite, Epidote, Green Heulandite, or Cerussite.

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1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

2.Download our FREE chakra guide today! 

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Work with your chakra energies to balance you and:

  • Gain better health
  • Find peace in your mind 
  • Top-up your energies daily

Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

Yellow crystal stones identification list


Sylvies Spirit Ametrine
Mystical purple crystal stones - Ametrine

Ametrine: Balance, creativity, empowerment, purpose.

Ametrine chakra: Associated with both the third eye & solar plexus chakra, the violet colour of ametrine will open the third eye, and therefore your mind, so that you are inspired.

Combine this with the yellow of the solar plexus chakra, and you’ll also have the energy to translate that inspiration to all that you do, whether it’s creative or to move forward with your studies and get productive.

Ametrine healing: Calms the mind clearing stress and tension. Having suffered from ME I have found a real affinity for ametrine as it clears brain fog and helps me to focus.


Citrine: Energy, protection, recharge

Citrine is a must have stone for collectors as its energy will not only recharge us, but it will reset and recharge any crystals you put near it. See my Tik tok page for details.

It is protective, so you can avoid energy vampires, and will help you to come to terms with your own demons so you are no-longer haunted by them, and can move on with renewed vigour. 

Citrine chakra: Associated with both the solar plexus and the sacral chakra; citrine will help you get centred and feel more confident. 

Citrine healing: Lifts moods, fight phobias, forge boundaries, releases anger and tension.

Like Vitamin D, this stone is a pick me up for those with chronic fatigue. It also keeps the thyroid, gut and circulation healthy. Cures allergies, menstrual pain and nausea.

Sylvies Spirit Citrine points
Sylvies Spirit - Citrine points

Yellow sapphire

Sylvies Spirit Yellow Sapphire
Sylvies Spirit - Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire: Abundance, confidence, manifesting, vitality.

Yellow sapphire chakra: Associated with the solar plexus chakra, yellow sapphire will fuel your ambition and help you to keep the faith in yourself to succeed.

If you need a boost, then place the stone on the solar plexus chakra and breathe deeply to overcome procrastination and to magnify your intention to the universe that you will be achieving your dreams.  It can also be used for amassing wealth.

Yellow sapphire healing: It helps all the ailments that also benefit from sunshine and warm weather too, including: Jaundice by protecting the liver, throat infections, as well as with conditions that affect the lungs, and blood circulation.


Pyrite: Manifest, decisiveness, energy.

Pyrite chakra: Associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of will, pyrite will help you to activate warrior energy, which brings with it mental focus and decisiveness.

Pyrite healing: Pyrite can help with loss of memory and to purify yourself.

It is also a highly protective stone, which will ground and focus you so no-one stands in your way.

Sylvies Spirit Pyrite
Sylvies Spirit Pyrite

Dendritic agate

Sylvies Spirit Dendritic Agate
Sylvies Spirit Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate: Emotional healing and balance.

Dendritic agate chakra: Associated with both the solar plexus and root chakras dendritic agate can help you integrate the darker parts of you which you have cut off due to negative experiences.

You’ll rise above black and white thinking and with its supportive energy resolve and balance your energy so that you can move forward to the prosperous future.

Dendritic agate healing: Healing the nervous system and conditions such as neuralgia. Dendritic agate can also treat skeletal disorders and reverse capillary degeneration, as it aids circulation.


Amber: Recovery, nurture, positivity, improve memory, increase mental flexibility and create balanced decision-making.

Amber chakra: Amber resonates directly with the solar plexus and sacral chakra system. As your second brain is housed in your gut, amber re-educates and allows you to channel your inner being, so that you can grow as a person and be engaged internally and externally.

Amber absorbs negative energy whether it’s from the earth or from us, and aids the nervous system so that we can achieve balance between the right and left side of the brain. I wear my amber bracelet if my mood starts to dip – it’s an amazing pick-me-up.

Amber healing: Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind and spirit. It treats stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder, also strengthening mucus membranes and alleviating joint problems.

Sylvies Spirit Amber
Sylvies Spirit Amber


Sylvies Spirit Chrysoberyl
Sylvies Spirit Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl: Protection, self discipline, self-control, mental clarity & concentration.

Chrysoberyl chakra: Chrysoberyl aligns the solar plexus and crown chakras.  It opens the crown chakra and increases both spiritual and personal power, promoting tolerance and harmony.

Use chrysoberyl to boost your learning ability. If you have every experienced information overload, chrysoberyl will give you the tools you need to be inspired to continue and excel.

If you have life decisions to make  chrysoberyl will bring a keenest of perception, so you can make and have the fortitude to stick to your decision.

Since ancient times chrysoberyl has been used to keep disaster at bay, as it transforms negative thoughts to positive energy. It can help you to see both sides, and encourages forgiveness of yourself and others.

Chrysoberyl healing: Chrysoberyl supports self healing, and can be used to highlight the cause of dis-ease.

Chrysoberyl balances adrenaline and cholesterol, and fortifies the chest and liver.

Hope you enjoy exploring the power of yellow crystals, I have felt energised writing this blog as I have had my citrine next to me – they are really are like the suns rays breaking through on a dull day!

Namaste x