Elements of nature: Ether & the meaning it holds for us

Ether is the space element, and one word describes the meaning it holds for our personalities – this is ‘clarity’. Referred to as ‘akasha’ in Sanskrit, the 5th element – ether is the element that comes first in ayurvedic thinking, as it is the thing that makes our lives possible. 

As the subtlest element of all five, ether originates in the primordial space as sound vibrations, from shabda, which is the tanmatra of sound. As such sound and ether are inseparable, which means:

Ether and the ear: The ear is considered to be the sense organ of ether. 

Ether and the mouth: The mouth is ethers organ of action.

In a person the 5th element of ether represents these qualities –

Ether represents:

  • Imagination
  • Expansion
  • Subtleness
  • Dreaminess 

Ether people are often thought of as passive, and can be a little elusive as they are very ‘self contained’ – they are simply giving themselves ‘their space’.

Self expression - singing

The 4 elements of nature

We have looked at the other elements in my ‘Crystals and the elements of nature blog’ but here is a quick recap of the 4 elements meanings that we covered before:

Earth represents:

  • animal instincts
  • grounding
  • foundation

Water represents: 

  • emotion
  • intuition
  • going with the flow of life

Air represents:

  • intellect
  • mental intention
  • connection to life force

Fire represents: 

  • willpower
  • inner strength
  • transformation through action

Elements of nature: Ether & our bodies

The ancient greeks saw ether as a God like element as it enables humans to connect to spirituality. Yogis see it as all-pervasive, which in reality it is, as we have ‘spaces’ in our bodies, like for example, the sinus cavities, our lungs when they are empty, and in an empty stomach.

Ether ailments include: Hearing loss. Loss of voice.

Elements of nature: Ether, the throat chakra & blue crystals

The 5th element of ether is associated with the throat chakra or Vishuddha, which means ‘place of purification’.

Its centre is at the base of the throat, which includes the voice box. As such, ether enables us to speak, and express ourselves. 

Alongside this ability, ether will also enable us to truly hear, as there is really is no point in talking without hearing what is said in reply, is there?! 

Blocked throat chakra: A blocked throat chakra, which is a spinning blue disc of energy, is a sign that you are not being heard, perhaps you are shy and find it difficult to get your ideas across – but never stop trying. 

Also if in your past you were repeatedly told to be quiet as a child, perhaps this has had a lasting effect on you; but remember you can make changes, it is now in your power.

Blocked throat chakra cure: On a physical level, if you have a soar throat, honey, thyme and liquorice can help. 

The 5th element ether & blue crystals: If you suffer repeatedly from soar throats, then working with the ether element, and the throat chakra is a good path to follow.

The throat chakra is a spinning blue disc of energy which can be activated and energised by wearing a blue crystal necklace, or carrying a blue crystal.

I can vouch for this, it really helps, and there are inexpensive crystals like sodalite which are made into necklaces, as well as more expensive ones like sapphire.

If you would like to know more about using crystals for health, and chakras, read my Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals.


Elements of nature: Easy mindful methods to work with ether

Enhance the 5th element, ether, by using your voice for: 

  • Speaking your truth.
  • Expressing emotions to the people you trust and love.
  • Singing, you don’t have to join a choir, just sing in the shower – perhaps choose a song and learn the words.

Enhance the 5th element, ether, by listening: Check in with all the sounds in the room, then listen for the sounds outside the room, like the birds singing.

  • Raise your vibrational state with sound. Listen to Binaural beats in the theta (4 to 8 Hz) range, as these are linked to REM sleep, reduced anxiety, relaxation, as well as meditative and creative states. 
  • Also Binaural beats in the alpha frequencies (8 to 13 Hz) are thought to encourage relaxation, promote positivity, and decrease anxiety. 

Enhance the 5th element, ether, with your sense of touch: Bringing your awareness to your body and experiencing, warm/cold, heaviness/lightness and movement/stillness will connect you to the ether element. Body scan mediations and somatic exercises can also be beneficial.

Enhance the 5th element, ether, with taste: Detox your body using bitter tastes, as used in Ayurvedic practices. The ether element is linked to bitter tastes which can be used to ‘create more space in the body’, as they can:

  • Scrape ‘ama’ (loosely referring to ‘toxins’) from the tissues.
  • Cleanse the digestive system.
  • Cleanse the liver.

Clear excess from the other elements by, for example, purifying the blood of those with excessive fire element qualities.

Bitter foods include: Chicory, chard, dandelion, dill, fenugreek, turmeric and cumin seed. 

Enhance the 5th element, ether, with sight: It is easy to connect to light by taking a walk outside and feeling the suns rays upon you.

The immediate benefit is obviously Vitamin D, but you will also be enhancing the 5th element as you are giving yourself mindful space.

Simply waking up to the day light breaking through the curtains in a morning triggers all the cells in the body to ‘wake up’, and re-sets our body clock, enabling you to feel rejuvenated.

Enhance the 5th element, ether, with smell: The herb sage is used to cleanse and clear negative energy, and on a physical level it is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory. 

Wether you choose to work with a smudge stick (made of sage), or a sage essential oil, or drinking sage tea; sage will purify both the rooms in your house, your body and your mind.

With the ether element being primarily about creating space, using sage will ensure your ‘space’, wether it is the space you inhabit, your body, or your mind.

Using sage will purify negative energy, and chakras will be ‘unblocked’ and therefore able to take in the ether element to best advantage for you.

Enhance the 5th element, ether, with breath work: Humming bee breath is a great way to calm the nervous system and the noise you make when doing this comes from the sinus area so it can unblock, sinuses and enhance the ether element in your body. 

Brahmari Pranayama involves making a long hummmmm noise on exhale, which vibrates in the throat, which is where the vagus nerve is situated. The role of the vagus nerve in the parasympathetic nervous system is to slow the sympathetic stress response, so using the humming bee breath will:

  • Calm the mind – Activating the ‘rest and digest’ part.
  • Release sinus blockages: Help this further by using acupressure, pressing gently into the inner corners of the eyebrows.

Enhance the 5th element, ether, with yoga: I pretty much recommend a yoga class to everyone I talk to, even guys. The ether element can be enhanced with yoga by doing Viparita Karani (legs up the wall pose) or shoulder stand, as it will bring energy towards the throat chakra and remove blockages there. 

However, please take medical advice on this if you have high blood pressure, and ladies, these poses are best used when you are not menstruating.

By simply stopping what you are doing and concentrating on just one of the above exercises, you will gain a sense of awareness and the ether element will be enhanced – which also momentarily takes the mind away from the stress of the daily chores, etc.

These mindfulness methods can help you have a greater awareness of self, and bring about a connection with your surroundings and the universe. 

By recognising that you have a vibrational frequency and learning to realise when it is being lowered, you can can reduce:

Take time to reflect on what makes your ‘world go round’, if it’s cooking a nice meal, then make that part of your healing ritual. Some people instinctively know how to recharge their batteries – but many of us have to learn this. 

The hardest part for me is getting the ether element and vibration high, and then letting it slip. I find it is very easy to let other people encroach too much on my ‘me time’.

I have to remember to realise it is not selfish to take time out for me – as I am a better person for it.

A good affirmation to raise the vibration of the 5th element – spaciousness is: 

I play in my imagination.
I create my reality.
I know and speak my truth.

When you speak your truth to friends and family, it will share your sense of purpose, and if you speak from the heart and a place of authenticity your ether vibration of spaciousness will increase, which not only benefits you, but all people around you as well.

Best wishes

Namaste x