29 Affirmations for self-esteem and to achieve goals

These 29 affirmations for self-esteem and to achieve goals can be used literally as they are, or can be adapted by you, so they resonate with what you are wanting to achieve.

Buddha once said, “What you think you become”, and what he’s talking about here is “affirmations”, they not only promote mindfulness, they also help turn ideas into reality – as you hold true to “your” course.


If you are skeptical, as affirmations have been introduced to you as a way to send out a message to the universe to enhance your quest, then just begin by seeing them as a great way to to enhance your mood. 

I have found that if I leave my house in a bad mood, oftentimes it seems like the world is conspiring against me; whereas, “when I’m smiling, the whole world smiles with me”. (That also happens to be the lyrics to a Louis Armstrong song btw!)

Why say affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements, so saying them repeatedly will influence your subconscious thought and help you start believing that you can achieve.

Repeating affirmations over a period of days and months can also boost self confidence, so that you stay on course to achieve your goals. If you like the idea of wearing a crystal talisman necklace or bracelet, which you then associate your affirmation with, that works too, for many people. Check out my crystal gallery page and choose one.

If you look at self confident people you can see that it doesn’t enter their head that they won’t achieve. I think confidence is meant to to fluctuate, and I have never felt any shame in saying when I’m nervous as all of us are the same, so people do not mind when we need a hand. We are not superheroes, and are allowed to have weaknesses!

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How to use affirmations

As with most things, the hardest part is getting started. Choose an affirmation from below, and “try it on”. What I mean is, say it out loud, and/or try repeating it in your head. Does it make you cringe, or are you comfortable? 

I struggled for sometime before I found a way to bring affirmations into my day. The best way for me, is to pin affirmations inside my front door, so I read them before I leave the house. You could also put them on the fridge door.

achieve with affirmations

People often have more than one affirmation going at a time, I find I prefer to just stick with one as I spend the time “fleshing in out”, by daydreaming what I want to happen. As I have said before in my blogs, “trying a situation on for size” is really positive and also acts on a subconscious level to help you materialise your dreams.

You’ll notice below that all the affirmations below are in the present tense, which is why affirmations are mindful. Being present and in the moment will bring you peace. You will also alleviate anxiety and stress caused by thinking of the past or future. 

Being “present”, keeps us grounded (this promotes a healthy root chakra) and will help you feel a lot calmer as it is like a form of meditation, it creates a quiet, more peaceful mind.

Here are some daily positive affirmations that you can use. I also have a blog on family affirmations that you might find useful.

Affirmations for self esteem

  1. I am an intelligent, beautiful person.
  2. I can overcome any challenge.
  3. I have the potential to do achieve anything I desire.
  4. I have great ability and I will grow more confident with each challenge I face.
  5. I will push through today, achieve my goal, and reward my accomplishment.
  6. Self doubt is natural, but today I know I am doing a great job!
  7. I am in control of my life, as I have the confidence to achieve today.
  8. This is my decision, and I will have the confidence to see it through.
  9. I am proud of me, now and always.
  10. My business will succeed everyday as I am 100% committed to being a success.
  11. I am the best version of myself, I believe it, and I live it.
  12. Thoughts and emotions are part of who I am and I will not deny them but use them to be my best person.
  13. I am worthy to speak my mind and worthy of your respect.
  14. I accept who I am and know that I can achieve whatever I set out to do.

Affirmations to achieve goals

  1. I achieve because I have a positive mindset.
  2. I can succeed as I have the talent and I am prepared to work for success.
  3. Life is good and many positive blessings always come my way.
  4. I will grow into may own person at my own pace and I will celebrate each accomplishment.
  5. I can succeed in the present, one step at a time.
  6. My goals are always achieved.
  7. I attract good people as I live an honourable life and am my best person.
  8. The only person I have to measure up to is me, and I am happy with me.
  9. I find happiness in everyday, for myself and by making others happy too.
  10. I achieve goals and alway remember what it took to get me here today – i won’t every take anything for granted.
  11. Happiness and positivity has a snowball affect, I will help others so that I achieve myself.
  12. I am honest, reputable and authentic and no-one will change this as this is how I achieve my goals.
  13. I remember how I got here, and will never take anything or one for granted.
  14. I am successful and being prosperous is part of that success.
  15. Life is a blessing and I accept my life knowing I can achieve my destiny.

Achievement is an affirmation away

achieve with affirmations

Self esteem and the ability to achieve goals do go hand in hand. I feel that self esteem is not a given thing and everyone does have “peeks and troughs”, even the most confident people!

The important thing is to not be too hard on yourself when you are “low”. You are your own guardian and you need to be “kind but firm”, as you would with someone you are coaching.

When your self esteem begins to build you might find your friendship groups change, as like-minded people find each other. (If need be ditch energy vampires, and dispel negative energy.) Good energy builds in good friendships, and groups of friends, which then becomes inspiration and that’s when you really start to achieve.

Good luck x

29 affirmations