Angel number 33 | Meaning for you

Angel number 33 has significant meaning for you! If you keep seeing 33 you are about to have a positive life-changing experience, which will bring a burst of energy so that you can forge ahead to a new phase in your life.

The angels are sending a message to you so that you will be enabled to use the energy of the universe to excel.

When you see angel number 33 you need to “accept” that you will receive positive energy from the universe. So often we feel we do not deserve good things, but by doing that we are shutting the door on even the possibility of it. 

Accept seeing angel number 33 and be guided by its significance for you as it will bring success – it will help you embrace your self-confidence and self-expression.

Angel number 33 - be creative
Angel number 33 - be creative

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The Meaning of Master Number 33

Number 33 is considered a Master Number in Numerology, which means that it resonates at a higher vibration than other numbers. Angel numbers work in accordance with the tenets of numerology as both work on the notion that numbers mean more than just their numeric value.

Let’s take a quick look at the number 33. There are 9 root numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, which include the number 3. The angels use these numbers in sequences like 33, or 555, to speak to us. If you see numbers repeated over and over again take notice, as it’s a message that will have significance to you and you alone.

Root number 3

Angel number 33 resonates with a spiritual and creative vibration of root number three, multiplied exponentially. Root number 3 is the number of:

  • creativity
  • self-expression
  • manifestation of creative talents
Sylvies Spirit - Success
Sylvies Spirit - Success

So it is no wonder 33 multiplies this strength and brings creative exuberance. Master Number 33’s vibrational essence will resonate throughout your life, and your power to manifest and create will be heightened.

Master numbers

Note: There are 3 Master numbers 11, 22 and 33. These powerful and important numbers have great significance, and Master number 33 itself is associated with prosperity and charisma. 

It is well worth working out your Birthday Number and your Soul Urge Number to get to know more about yourself and to see what the universe has in store for you!

Numerology - Find out your Birthday number
Numerology - Find out your Birthday number today!
Numerology - find out your soul urge number
Numerology - find out your soul urge number today!

Holding yourself back?

Angel number 33 - self sabotage

Self-sabotage is a very personal part of the human condition, and we all hold ourselves back at one point or another in our lives. Angel number 33 is commonly seen by those who are feeling overwhelmed and incapable of achieving, even with the skills they have – their goals.

Even when we are on the right path, and are living a spiritual life you might find that you feel guilt or worry over being a successful person. You do everything right, but your thoughts and emotions are get in the way. When you see angel number 33 it is important to realise that the angels are sending you a personal communication to encourage you to be positive and to find your own inner peace. You must trust in yourself, enjoy your talents for all things and follow your instincts to attain your goal and achieve personal growth.

Angel number 33 is a clear message that you already have the power to achieve your purpose, so being overly perfect will only alienate you from others. Remember is lonely being at the top when you have put yourself first to the detriment of others.

Trusting your instincts is key to monopolising on the power from angel number 33. Set realistic personal goals for things you want and work with  purpose to achieve them one at a time, taking positive energy from each one, so the weight of the challenge doesn’t overtake you.

Keep your eyes on the prize, as the angels are with you – you may well find that each time you achieve things you will see angel number 33 again and again, willing you on – take note of this personal message and keep going!

Angel Number 33 - reach the top!
Angel Number 33 - reach the top!

Angel number 33 | Mistakes of the past

Seeing angel number 33 means that it is important that you should forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past and look to the future as you have grown from past lessons in life. Let yourself meditate on your past mistakes and see how they have made you the person you are today. 

Remember to “forgive yourself” when you look back, we are here on the earthly plane to become skilled in life and grow. If life was plain sailing we would not mature into the person we want to be and that would limit our future experiences in this world.

Angel Number 33 - Forgive Yourself

I feel it is better to have had a life of ups and downs than vanilla experiences because then you truly experience happiness and relish it in the “moment”. Mindfulness teaches us to live in the moment and enjoy the earthly pleasures we are being offered to the full. For more on mindfulness read my Daily mindfulness checklist blog.

Daily Mindfulness for Health - Take a Break

Angel number 33 | Learn to say "no"

Are you the type of person who tries to help everyone? Eventually, this just leaves you drained, doesn’t it? Seeing angel number 33 means it is time for you to learn to say “no”.

It’s not a fault it’s a necessity of life, as it is part of respecting yourself. If you can feel that people are tiring you out, then saying “no” will enable you to give yourself time to heal, so that you can recharge your batteries for another day.

Angel number 33 - learn to say

Angel number 33 | See the big picture

You might well see angel number 33 when you have a problem to overcome. Angel number 33 will offer you clarity of mind, as it is the number of the “well informed”.

All you need to do is take a step back, take a breath and come up with a plan to move forward from the problem to a resolution.

Angel number 33 will support you and help you to find the information so that your plan is built on solid foundations, for you to fulfil your dream.

Angel number 33 | Help but don’t control​

Angel number 33 - Help but don't control

It’s hard to see other people struggle, but allowing others to take responsibility for their own actions, is part of their journey in life. As a Mother, I personally think there is nothing worse than seeing your children struggle, but by being overly controlling and asserting power over them, they will be shielded from what they need to learn to succeed.

A big part of being spiritual is to know yourself and your emotional capacity, and I’m sure you will realise that your path to knowing has had its ups and downs.

When you see angel number 33 take this knowledge and use it to influence and inform, not control others, and you will be seen as an oracle! Well maybe not, but you will be respected in your community for the loving, nurturing emotional energy that you possess.

Spiritual meaning of angel number 33 - for creativity

Angel number 33’s meaning, is the same as Master number 33 meaning, which is associated with expressing oneself and being creative. If you have ever thought that you might have a talent for creative work, angel number 33’s message for you is that it is time to test this out – you will invariably find out that you master whatever you choose. 

Use the energy of angel number 33 to boost your confidence and enable you to enjoy the experience of finding something that you’ve always dreamed of, that makes you feel like you’ve come home. 

I’ve had this once or twice in my life when I have decided to pursue something a little different to the norm and within minutes it was great, and I knew I was meant to do it all along!

Learn to play an instrument
Learn to play an instrument

Spiritual meaning of angel number 33 - symbolism

Think of angel number 33 as opening new doors for you. If you are looking for a change of job and perhaps know you need to make new friends, then take note when angel number 33 comes your way. 

The new beginnings you will experience will bring with them, a more upbeat environment, where you can increase your focus to improve your self-confidence, by using your talents. 

With these doors opening for you, the important thing to realise is that you are the only limiting factor, so walk through and find what makes you tick. 

Your new focus in life, brought about by guidance from the energy of the angels, symbolised by you seeing angel number 33, will help your spiritual evolution and help you find who the real you is, and what direction ‘you’ want to take.

Angel number 33 - be your own superhero!

Angel number 33 | Find yourself

Angel number 33 will enable you by bringing the energies of:

  • Empathy
  • Blessings
  • Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Boldness
  • Courage 

With angel number 33 present in your life, anything is possible!

Take a look at this beautifully serene video where Bonsoir Universe explains more about Angel number 33.

Spiritual meaning of angel number 33 - significance

Angel number 33 in numerology and spirituality signifies change which will bring about further development of your soul. You will get things done, build your confidence and the angels will watch over your progress, boding a successful life with happiness and joy.

The influence of the angels will help with three aspects of your spiritual growth:

Angel number 33 - innovation

If you have long had a wish to embrace creativity, like playing an instrument or another artistic pursuit, now is the time. The goals and things that you wanted as a child which you have perhaps put away, as they have seemed unrealistic can still be achieved. 

Put simply, angel number 33 means that you should pursue your dreams.

Angel number 33 - learn new things
Angel number 33 - learn new things

Angel number 33 - development

Wisdom and understanding are associated with Master number 33, so it’s time to use the power of your mind for personal growth, to learn a lesson and transform your life.

Angel number 33 - romance

Seeing anger number 33 you should assure yourself that you can open your heart to your dream of love and show compassion, embracing your emotional side without being afraid. The love that you show to others will come back ten-fold.

Angel number 33 also asks that you ditch the people who you know to be ‘using you’ – you know who they are, as your thoughts just went to them didn’t they?! 

We all have them, and because they have been ‘friends’ for years, or consistently claim they love you,  you feel that you have to oblige them. 

Ditch people who drain your energy!
Ditch people who drain your energy!

Fact is, you don’t! With them gone, it will be like a weight lifted, and you’ll realise how much time you wasted on them.

It takes a little time to build new friendships and to find new love, but angel number 33 will give you the confidence to see it through.

Angel number 33 - existing relationships

If you are going through a difficult period in a relationship and you are seeing angel number 33 everywhere, the angels are asking you to open your heart and let go of the past.

Anger number 33 bodes well for your relationship, as if you can weather the storm that you are going through, your relationship will be stronger as a consequence.

Angel number 33 - twin flames (soul mates)

If you have not come across the spiritual term twin flames before, it refers to a soul mate. For twin flames angel number 33 signifies a period of tranquil coexistence. For twin flames who haven’t met yet read on…

Twin flames: A twin flame couple will be drawn together to elevate their spiritual souls to the next level. When the twin souls develop a deeper mutual understanding, they will also get to know themselves better as a consequence. The angel number 33 will act as a lesson in love and bonding.

Twin flames meaning: Our twin flames are the people that come into our lives who can teach us the most.

Angel number 33 - for relationships

The relationship we have with them is not always easy, it is often tumultuous, as it is said that they ‘mirror’ ourselves – so frankly the flaws you might claim to see in them, are very often your own flaws too.

Every relationship has something to teach us, but your twin flame is considered to be the most powerful soul encounter a person can experience.


When you can see the reflection of your insecurities, fears and shadows in your twin flame you have a choice, to help them, and they help you, so that both parties can grow spiritually – so that you become more complete in your own right.

With a twin soul, you will manifest wonderful periods of love, but you must both endeavour to work on the aspects of your partnership where you don’t see eye to eye or find it more difficult to bond. The joy you will experience when you tackle the awkward subjects will accelerate the spiritual growth of both partners.

Angel number 33 | For twin flames

When twin flames see angel number 33, it is the universe sending a message, asking you to evaluate your emotional relationship as it stands at this point in time.

It’s a great time to talk about the accomplishments you have had as a couple, and reminisce. It is also time to look at the mistakes so that you don’t repeat them like groundhog day.

The thing is, that if you heal the past mistakes, your mutual energy will increase, and you will both fly onward and upward into the future.

Angel number 33 
 - finding your twin flame
Angel number 33 - finding your twin flame

Angel number 33 | Finding your twin flame

Are you in denial?

If you see angel number 33, this is a powerful message to signify that your twin flame is in your life.

Seeing angel number 33 in your dreams and in your daily life means your consciousness is awakening to the potential of meeting your twin flame.

If you are feeling resentment, anger or hopelessness resulting in low negative energy, let this go and change. It is now in the past, so concentrate on new beginnings.

By entering into the possibility that there is a new beginning for you with angel number 33, you will be manifesting your intention to the universe and also on a physical level, your body language will change, so when you meet your twin flame, they will recognise the real you. 

Spiritual meaning of angel number 3333 for pregnancy

Angel number 3333 is a positive spiritual message to you, meaning that pregnancy is possible and that you should not get discouraged if it doesn’t happen straight away. 

The number 3333 is obviously a repetition of the master number 33, which will also have an influence over your pregnancy.

Angel number 33 - bodes well for pregnancy
Angel number 33 - bodes well for pregnancy

The number 33 symbolises a ‘life-changing transformation’ which certainly bodes well, as bringing a child into the world is indeed life-changing.


Angel number 33 and Ascended Masters

Angel Number 33 - your ascended master is with you
Angel Number 33 - your ascended master is with you

Walk forward with a sense of purpose, in the knowledge that you are being supported by a guardian, an Ascended Master when you see angel number 33.

You will feel a strong teacher beside you, and a connection with Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, a saint or any spiritual or religious figure at this time.

Your guardian will help you find understanding and love to encourage you to go forth without worry or concern. The Ascended Master will be your teacher and will provide protection and assistance so that you can complete your project or challenge.

Angel number 33 | Why am I seeing 33 now?

We’ve discussed many ways 33 can influence your life, but to sum up let’s look at my top five! Remember 33 does not show up in your life without rhyme or reason, and the main reasons are:

  1. To let you know that anything is possible as long as you have faith in yourself and take the decsison to work hard to achieve.
  2. To let you know to listen to intuition and become more self aware as only then will you make good decisions based on your perception. You will also make better friends as you’ll make more informed choices.
  3. To let you know that a new start is available to you if you choose to take it. It is never too late to pursue your passions and take the plunge!
  4. 33 is a sign that your struggles are nearly over, and to never give up. Like I have said above, we are here to learn from ups and downs, but the thing is, that you can now firmly take the positive decision to put the negative behind you.
  5. 33 lets you know to stop worrying. Remember your angel is always there with you, to support and guide you through life.
Angel number 33 - jump for joy and be positive
Angel number 33 - jump for joy and be positive

Angel number 33 - positive outcomes

You may wonder why angel number 33 keeps showing up for you..? It is the angels sending a message from the universe which will significantly benefit you if you choose to listen to its meaning.

If you have had feelings of dread and anxiety which have restricted you, you need to take encouragement from the angels message and restore your faith in yourself. 


Angel number 33 - hear the message
Angel number 33 - hear the message

With this guidance, your life will change for the better, and your soul will heal. 

The holistic healing that a change of mindset brings is greatly beneficial, just set yourself small steps to start with and build your confidence so your self-esteem will come back – then the world is your oyster!

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Namaste x