Crystals & the elements of nature

In the physical world, what we manifest for ourselves can be attributed to: Earth, air, fire and water, so it makes sense to work with crystals that are themselves attributed to the elements. The energy of the four elements of nature, can transform life and be used for self-development.

Symbolically, the four elements are said to represent patterns of energy, which influence our conscious mind. By understanding their influence in the physical plain, and magnifying it using crystals, you can become more in-tune with your body and mind.

Do the elements of nature have influence over us?

Yes, they influence the below:

Earth represents:

  • animal instincts
  • grounding
  • foundation

Water represents: 

  • emotion
  • intuition
  • going with the flow of life

Air represents:

  • intellect
  • mental intention
  • connection to life force

Fire represents: 

  • willpower
  • inner strength
  • transformation through action

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Crystals & the elements of nature - History

The concept of elements of nature originated with the ancient Greeks, but Magicians, alchemists, and holy people from all cultures understood that crystals could act as a conduit to these elements

The Greek philosoper Empedocles defined elements as the basic building blocks from which all other materials are made. In around 450 BC, he stated, that there were four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Our ancestors predominantly thought that the four elements had to be in balance, in nature and in ourselves. For human beings to be stable  mentally, physically and spiritually – maintaining  balance of the elements was key.

What do the elements of nature manifest as?

Learning what natures elements represent  will help you to master your emotions, thoughts and the consequential actions. Once you learn the mastery, you will begin to feel the influence  – as it will change the way you react to situations in your life, turning weakness to strength.

This is how natures elements manifest as emotions, with positive or negative effect:

Earth will manifest as:

  • depression
  • vitality

Water will manifest as:

  • sadness
  • joy

Air will manifest as: 

  • fear
  • love 

Fire  will manifest as:

  • anger
  • passion

Mastering your four elements, and maintaining them in a balanced state, will enable you to find peace with yourself and everyone around you. 

How do I master the elements of nature?

Life has ups and downs and not expressing the emotions from these ups and downs, but instead repressing them; will eventually manifest as physical conditions, and health issues. 

By ditching ego and learning to experience the full gambit of emotions, and ‘expressing’ them at the right time and place, means your emotions will not get the better of you.

Think of this ‘expression’ as the steam from  a pressure cooker, it you don’t let out a little of the steam – the pressure will build up too much. Conversely, if you constantly let the steam out – the cooker won’t cook.

With this mind lets look at the elements:

The Element of Earth - represents nurture and grounding

Crystals & the elements of nature - EARTH

‘Mother earth’ references the fact that we are born of earth, and we, as the child of the earth mother – are nurtured by her. With this in mind living close to nature and appreciating this planet will help you to cherish the gift of life. 

Think about our bodies for a moment, they are a bloody miracle! I studied Anatomy and Physiology, and the more I learned, the more I thought, the body is amazing and at the same time fragile.

The shoulder blade for example, is just held on the body by soft tissue.

The point I’m making here is that we need to take responsibility for the body, and not blame it for not working when we haven’t looked after it. 

Earth  element fact: We are 12% earth, as our body is 12% carbon

As the principle element of our bodies, the earth element opens us up to growth, as a person. Other possibilities also come along when you ‘raise the bar’ for yourself, they can include prosperity and abundance. By using the earth element to centre and stabilise your energy, you will gain strength and attract success.

Element of earth positive traits

Respectable, hardworking, pay attention to detail, stable, reliable, cautious, punctual, practical.

Element of earth negative traits

Superficial, restrictive, stubborn, hesitant, boring, serious, compulsive, objective, uncreative, mentally dull.

Element synergy

If you don’t have a good relationship with your body, with the earth element, it will become difficult to build the positive energy in the other elements of fire, water & air – as earth acts as the base.

Element of earth - associated crystals

Look at the table below and choose your earth crystal; then look up the meaning of the crystal you choose – this will further enhance what you know about you. If you feel your Earth element needs nurture then take a look at my 10 Crystals to dispel negative energy blog, and my Daily mindfulness checklist blog.

So often, just finding the crystal that resonates with you on a particular day, is enough to set you back on your path.

Take your crystal with you for a day and let it act as a talisman, and/or you might like to meditate with in.

Sylvies Spirit - Malachite
Sylvies Spirit - Malachite
Sylvies Spirit Orange Agate
Orange crystals for love and life - Agate
Sylvies Spirit Orange Calcite
Orange crystals for love & life - Calcite
Sylvies Spirit red jasper
Crystals & the elements of nature - red jasper
Sylvies Spirit jet
Crystals & the elements of nature - jet
Sylvies Spirit emerald
Sylvies Spirit- emerald
Sylvies Spirit Black Tourmaline
Sylvies Spirit- black touramline

Other Element of earth crystal stones include: Moss Agate, Diamond, and Onyx.

Element of earth - mindfulness exercises to balance earth

  • Meditate with an earth crystal.
  • Maintain balance when life gets busy or situation arise that zap your physical energy, by carrying an earth crystal with you. 
  • Invest time in your body, by doing some form of exercise and notice how well you feel after. 
  • Don’t begrudge yourself a pampering session. Whether you light an incense candle to put next to you when you are in the bath, or read a book in the bath; let yourself feel the warmth of the water.
  • Eat health meals and really take time to experience what you are eating, even if it’s porridge at breakfast! Eat slowly and experience taste.
  • Take your shoes off and connect with the earth. I love walking on grass wit bare feet, it restores my energy – and it’s also great to feel grounded.

Earth element ordeals: Earth element ordeals are of the physical world. They are the everyday events that can weigh you down.

These ordeals are tests of perseverance and when handled successfully, in a balanced way, will actually enable you to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Earth element imbalance: Shows itself as general weakness in the body, loss of calcium from bones, obesity, cholesterol, weight loss and weight gain, muscular diseases etc.

Earth element body fact: The earth element can be used to improve fertility.

Earth element plant fact: Growers use the earth element to make plants grow healthy and strong.

Not making great choices?

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The element of water - represents adaptability, flow & binding

Crystals & the elements of nature - water

Whether you are experiencing new or daily occurrences your water element will enable you to ‘go with the flow’. I’ve often found that when I push too hard for something, the road often gets more and more challenging, and yet when I ‘let go’ and let things open up and happen at their own pace -the outcome is far more pleasurable and profitable.

In China the water element is called chi, and using Tai Chi or yoga is said to improve the flow of water through the body.

Water element fact: We can survive without food for longer than we can survive without water.

It cleanses and detoxifies, lubricates and functions as part of our blood – delivering the essential nutrients to all our body. It is the giver of life.

Water element fact: the body of the human male is 60% water (55% in females).

Water element and emotions

Water is the fundamental force behind our emotions, so it can help you find friends and rekindle old friendships.

By mastering the water element, you will find peace amongst people as you’ll have the confidence to let down barriers and really enjoy other peoples thoughts and their emotions, so you can form better, stronger connects without ego or jealousy getting in the way.

Think of yourself as water. If you are poured into a cup or and jug you will take the shape of that object.

Think of this symbolism when you next have to ‘adapt’ to a situation. Let your energy flow like water.

Water element positive emotions

Self-aware, tranquil, adaptive, empathetic, modest, devoted, reflective, authentic, integrating, co-operative.

Water element negative emotions

Apathetic, low self-esteem, stagnant, cowardly, jaded, sexually addicted, naïve, lazy, self-doubting, needy.

The element of water - mindfulness exercises to balance water

  • Try Tai Chi or yoga as both are based upon the principal that chi flows through the body. They work to realign and balance chi so you don’t experience blockages to this energy. I started yoga years ago as a way to stretch after running. Having had various teachers, I found that the ones who made me aware of the breath, as well as the physical postures, procured the best results. I then learned to think more holistically about the body, mind connection – my practice got so much better once I established this – I hope you will try it:)
  • Increase intuition – write down thoughts and dreams so you remember them and start to tune in to them more.
  • Shamans ask the water to wash away their sins, worries and problems. The next time you take a shower, ask the water element to cleanse you. Using a sea salt exfoliator in the shower is also useful to take away any negative energies and replace them with positive.

Water element ordeals: When someone is negative towards you it affects your emotional well-being.

Water element health fact: Prolonged exposure to this negativity will create tension inside, which will eventually manifest as an ill-feeling on the outside. 

Element of water - associated crystals

Look at the table below and choose your water crystal; then look up the meaning of the crystal you choose – this will further enhance what you know about you. For those looking for romance, choose your crystal from my Orange crystals for love and life blog. Or if you are drawn to the water element, read my Blue crystals meanings and cool facts blog.

So often, just finding the crystal that resonates with you on a particular day, is enough to set you back on your path.

Take your crystal with you for a day and let it act as a talisman, and/or you might like to meditate with in.

Sylvies Spirit celestite
Crystals & the elements of nature - celestite
Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst
Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst
Sylvies Spirit - Chrysocolla
Sylvies Spirit - Chrysocolla
Blue crystals - Aquamarine
Sylvies Spirit - Aquamarine

Other Element of water crystals include: Lapis lazuli, moonstone, mother of pearl, and chrysocolla.

The element of air - represents love and compassion

Crystals & the elements of nature - air

Air influences our minds – it can liberate us from the earthly plain, as air is flexible and constantly moving. Air influences imagination and inspiration, so you can formulate new ways of thinking, breaking old patterns, and bringing success.

Developing the intellect, improving memory, improving communication, and expanding awareness, will have a knock on effect – making you an  independent thinker. 

Your communication skills and intellect will also enable you to win favour, if you aspire to be in a leadership position.

Air element fact: We need air to breathe. 

Air element fact: Air moves and flows.

Air element positive emotions

Progressive, can see the big picture, flexible, curious, penetrating, independent, adventurous, intellectual.

Air element negative emotions

Anti-social, sloppy, uncaring, gossipy, undependable, fickle, dishonest, unpredictable, flaky, slow.

The element of air - mindfulness exercises to balance air

  • Yogic breathing – Incorporating breathing exercises (Pranayama) into your yoga routine can help you find lightness and inner power – it is likely to leave you with the feeling that all the cobwebs have been blown away.
  • Singing – even if it’s in the shower. Singing and holding notes is perfect to learn to control the resonance of your voice.
  • Mediation and mindfulness: Perhaps visualise flying, like a bird, and experience the freedom that you feel.
  • Couch to 5k – Taking up running is a great way to open up the lungs. Start slowly though, perhaps join a group of others as you can inspire each other.

Air element ordeals: These typically are about perception. It’s often hard to know what another person is thinking, so we take a guess, and often the guess means we fear the worst, rather than look on the bright side. From this we can become insecure , jealous, or fickle. 

Is it not better to face things, talk your worries through?

This is where you can draw upon the fire element for courage and self respect, so you can resolve the situation rather than have negative feelings.

Air element imbalance: Imbalance in the Air element may result in nervous disorders and depression, blood pressure issues, lung disorders, or muscle pains and spasms.

Air element synergy with the other elements

Synergy with fire & water: Air creates the balance between fire and water. It has the power to balance emotion, so that you don’t over react.

It is simple really, by allowing the power of the mind to take some of the pressure off, when there are heightened emotions –  being logical and grounded – your emotional state will shift.

CBT is an example for this at work – by recognising the worry cycle, for example, and writing down the worries in the moment, and then closing the book, and not looking at them until  later – you will remove the attached  emotions that are present and allow them to dissipate. Often they don’t seem remotely as bad when you look at them later.

Element of air - associated crystals

Look at the table below and choose your air crystal; then look up the meaning of the crystal you choose – this will further enhance what you know about you. Maybe also check out my Crystals to dispel negative energy blog.

So often, just finding the crystal that resonates with you on a particular day, is enough to set you back on your path.

Take your crystal with you for a day and let it act as a talisman, and/or you might like to meditate with in.

Sylvies Spirit tigers eye
Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals - tigers eye
Sylvies Spirit aventurine
Crystals & the elements of nature - aventurine
Blue crystals - Topaz
Blue crystals - Topaz
Sylvies Spirit opal
Crystals & the elements of nature - opal
Sylvies Spirit tourquoise
Sylvies Spirit - turquoise

Other Element of air crystals include: Yellow topaz and Mica.

Feel like something is missing?

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1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

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  • Find peace in your mind 
  • Top-up your energies daily

Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

Element of fire - confidence and courage

Fire is the fuel that gives us the drive to make things happen. It is part of what makes us passionate, with fiery emotions, but it has to be moderated so it doesn’t become anger – after all, fire can both, create and destroy.

Think of the phoenix rising from the ashes, with fire, you can strengthen your will, increase vital power, and awaken enthusiasm.

Learning to work with the fire based emotions for the positive, will burn away all the negative emotions.

Fire element positive characteristics

High self-esteem, enthusiastic, courageous, passionate,  natural leader, productive, self-respecting, creative, original, resourceful.

Fire element negative characteristics

All-consuming, egotistical, irritable, quick to anger, macho, obsessive, jealous, snobbish, critical, gluttonous.

The element of Fire - mindfulness exercises to balance fire

  • Yoga flow / power yoga – Dynamic asanas increase Fire in the body through movement and flow. The element of Fire in our body is responsible for our metabolism and for regulating body temperature.
  • Boxing – If your fire element needs venting then Boxing or Boxercise will help re-balance you.
  • Driving range golf – OMG, try it! You’ll relise what I am talking about.

Fire element ordeals: Fire element ordeals can be transformative, they destroy the old and bring out the new. For example, when you’re finally backed against a wall and come out fighting.

When your ego has got the better of you, if you have been criticised, making you angry. Think of fire burning off that ego, and simply let go – only then you will master fire. 

Element of fire - associated crystals

Sylvies Spirit ruby
Crystals & the elements of nature - ruby
Sylvies Spirit yellow amber
Crystals & the elements of nature - yellow amber
Sylvies Spirit fire agate
Crystals & the elements of nature - fire agate
Sylvies Spirit carnelian
Crystals & the elements of nature - carnelian
Sylvies Spirit sardonyx
Crystals & the elements of nature - sardonyx

Other Element of fire crystals include: Fire opal.

Fire element imbalance: Problems with blood pressure or coronary artery disease are connected to the fire element, as is anxiety and insomnia. 

Fire element synergy with the other elements

Synergy with water: By balancing the fire element with water, you can cool the flames. Taking deep breaths will calm the negativity and help you think more clearly.

Synergy with air: Also balance the fire element with the air element, using your intellect to coach, and develop inner strength. Think of fire as a burner on the hob, you can control this making it hotter to produce boiling point, or keep it at a simmer. Think of the fire element in the same way – you are it’s master.

The 5th element - akasha (ether)

By mastering the four elements, the fifth element will emerge and take control of the conscious mind, so that you can deal with any situation with pose and grace – ditching ego and jealousy.

The 5th element is a binding power that holds all the other elements together, it holds the secrets to the past, present and future and will increase your spiritual presence.

Working with the 5th element can:

  • Unlock past life memories.
  • Improve your meditation.
  • Increase your psychic powers.

Element of akasha - associated crystals

Sylvies Spirit fossils
Crystals & the elements of nature - fossils
Sylvies Spirit Apophyllite
Crystals & the elements of nature - Apophyllite
Sylvies Spirit Phenakite
Crystals & the elements of nature - phenakite
Sylvies Spirit danburite
Crystals & the elements of nature - danburite

Harness the power of natures elements & crystals

You can increase the power of each of the elements using the crystals you have chosen. Have a clear intention, which you can formulate by reading the qualities of the crystal. I find it easier to just hold one intention in my head, then I carry my crystal with me to act as a talisman throughout the day, so I keep repeating my intention. You can also:

  • Imagine your body filling with whatever energy you want to provoke. 
  • Visualise the element  passing through each of your chakras.
  • Feel the energy of the element moving through your body. 

I hope you enjoy the serenity that you can achieve by balancing your elements of nature.

Namaste x

Crystals & the elements of nature