9 Daily affirmations for living your spiritual life

My 9 Daily affirmations for living your spiritual life blog will help you find a daily sense of peace, purpose and forgiveness. We are all looking for our “purpose” in life, and this ambition lends itself to our own personal growth through our experiences with the world and in our relationships.

Spirituality, whether it is religion or a belief system helps people as it brings a sense of connection to the human condition, helping us to have better relationships with ourselves, others and the unknown.

What is spirituality?

People have many different perspectives on spirituality, whether you prefer worshipping at a  church, temple, mosque, or synagogue, praying to a God or a higher power, or find connection with the universe through nature or art – the typical unifying factor is to find “meaning” in the human experience.

In spirituality, the questions are: Where do I personally find meaning, connection, and value?

In religion, the questions are: What is true and right?

Spirituality gives humans a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, which can be seen as sacred or transcendent, or simply a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

9 Daily affirmations for living your spiritual life - my story

I was brought up as a christian but unfortunately, like many, we had a once a week visit to a church service with little or no explanation of why we were there. I had questions and they weren’t really being answered at that time, so I took to reading books on subjects that interested me, which is when I found my spiritual path and a new sense of peace within myself.

I like this Hindu Proverb, as I believe there is room for all religions and beliefs:

“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.”

I think a big part of life is finding your “tribe”. I’m attracted to nature and family orientated people like me. The psychology to this is that, people are more likely to see self-expansion opportunities when interacting with someone who is similar, rather than dissimilar, to them. 

What I have found with my nature and family loving friends is that they are all incredibly open minded people, and whichever religion they follow doesn’t affect our friendship, and does in fact enhance our conversations.

Wanting to find inner peace?

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Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

9 Daily affirmations for living your spiritual life - life questions

Identity has a bearing on spirituality, and most of ask ourselves these questions periodically when life is going well:

Am I a good person?

What is my connection to the world around me?

How can I live my life in the best way possible?


When life is not going to plan we tend to fixate on these other questions:

Why is it only me that is suffering?

Do things really happen for a reason?

Spirituality gives us a meaningful connection with thoughts that are bigger than ourselves, so we don’t meander into self obsession and an insular view-point. We all have ups and downs, these are part of our life path, from which we can learn valuable lessons. 

Watch the video of Sadhguru as he talks about life being “torture” if you don’t accept all of what life offers you.

9 Daily affirmations for living your spiritual life - surrender

Humans don’t like situations where they can’t foresee the outcome, but in reality that is the spice of life! 

Surrendering to a spiritual path will help you to be more secure in the knowledge that everything is unfolding perfectly. Often our egos create obstacles as we enter into the idea that, “it’s us against the world”! However, by listening more to intuition when you are faced with an opposition to your quest, you will see that when one door closes, invariably a more suitable door opens for you.

Here are my 9 spiritual affirmations for you to use in your daily life – enjoy x

  1. I am aligned with my higher purpose and find enlightenment from all the situations I encounter in my day.
  2. I feel the power of divine love and I will surrender to the possibilities this will bring for me today.
  3. My energies are in harmony with the universe and I will allow myself to rest in the knowledge that I am loved today and always.
  4. I acknowledge that everyone in the world lives in the light of the universe and I am a part of that oneness today and always.
  5. I will endeavour to shine a positive light on all the situations that I find myself in today.
  6. I am happy living in my journey, and learning from the lifes lessons as this is part of my spiritual path today and always.
  7. I will follow a spiritual path today and live every moment accepting that everything happens in it’s own time.
  8. I will recognise my ego and “let go” so that it doesn’t limit my experience of living in the moment today.
  9. I send love and light to every living thing today, and receive love and light in return, as part of a symbiotic existence with the earth.