Birthday number 33 people will possess great insight

In numerology, birthday (life path) number 33 is one of the most spiritually inclined birthday numbers and these people will possess great insight. Known as the “master healer’, birthday number 33 people spread their mystical healing light liberally to people around them. They seem to have an unlimited capacity of spiritual power to heal others, … Read more

Calculate your Soul Urge Number | Find out your destiny

Find Out Who You Are

Use your given name (full name on your birth certificate) to calculate your Soul Urge Number which will help you discover your “inner characteristics” which are a part of you – to find out your destiny! You can also calculate the Soul Urge Number of a potential lover to find if they are a good … Read more

Angel number 33 | Meaning for you

Angel number 33 has significant meaning for you! If you keep seeing 33 you are about to have a positive life-changing experience, which will bring a burst of energy so that you can forge ahead to a new phase in your life. The angels are sending a message to you so that you will be … Read more

Hidden meaning in Birthday numbers

Hidden meaning in Birthday numbers Your birth date is part of the spiritual code of who you are, so understanding the hidden meaning in birthday numbers, which is also known as your “life path number” will keep you on the right track – so you can capitalise on the strengths of your Birthday number, and … Read more

Angel number 112 brings abundance

Angel number 112 brings abundance I recognise that certain numbers have followed me around for years – Does that happen with you? Today we are going to look at angel number 112, which is particularly fascinating as it contains master number 11 which is symbolic of spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Angel number 112 also … Read more