Hidden meaning in Birthday numbers

Your birth date is part of the spiritual code of who you are, so understanding the hidden meaning in birthday numbers, which is also known as your “life path number” will keep you on the right track – so you can capitalise on the strengths of your Birthday number, and avoid the negative pitfalls.

If you keep seeing your birthday number (life path number) it is significant, so take note, as it is a sign that your guides are with you, and they want to ‘guide’ you.

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Your birthday number (life path number) can help you work out a great deal about yourself, who you are, where you are going, the challenges you are facing, the struggles you will have – as birthday numbers are the core truth of ‘you’. 

 Everyone goes off their life path at times, perhaps trying to be someone we are not, but by spiritually realigning with the authenticity of you again – you will regain equilibrium/balance and purpose.

Life purpose unfolds over a lifetime, but seeing the core truth of you, lets you know you are enough.

Why work out your birthday numbers?

The numbers from your birth day, will influence you strongly through your life.

They are your core numbers, so they reflect strengths, weaknesses and general characteristics, in a similar way to astrology.

Numerology is about calculating your birthday number (life path number) down to your ‘root’ number, and this root number is similar to an astrological sign. There are 11 root numbers which include 1-9, 11 and 22, and they each have significant means for you. Let’s get started and see how amazing your birth number is.

In the video below Stargirl gives a quick overview of how to work out your birthday number and a few great insights into each birthday number:

Work out your birthday numbers

First write down your birthday date as I have done below:

Birthday Day: 12

Birthday Month: 10

Birthday Year: 1970

Now go back to these and add them up across the rows:

Birthday Day: 1+2=3

Birthday Month: 1+0=1

Birthday Year: 1+9+7+0=17

The year above, still has two numerals making 17, so you now add these together:

1+7 = 8

We now have:

Birthday Day: 3

Birthday Month: 1

Birthday Year: 8

Now add these together to create the root number: 3+1+8=12 Which in this case reduces again to 3. So the root number is 3

However if you have 11 or 22, at this stage, you DO NOT reduce this.

Birthday number 1

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 1
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 1

Birthday/life path number – Root Number 1 

Birthday number 1  – positive attributes

The leader is pioneering and independent. The hidden meaning for no. 1, is forward motion and like Aries, the first sign of the zodiac – these people are all about ‘action’.

Birthday number 1  – negative attributes

As leaders, number 1’s might have a tendency to feeling overly self important as they get more successful. 

Birthday number 1    life path learning

No.1 if you want a truly independent life, to follow a career and deem that you don’t need anyone else then go for it, as this is your destiny.

If you want friends and family at your side, you will have to make compromises and encourage them come on the journey with you. My advise: Make the effort or you’ll be a lonely millionaire!

Birthday number 2

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 2
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 2

Birthday/life path number – Root  Number 2 

Birthday number 2  – positive attributes

The mediator brings sensitivity, balance, and harmony, to all around them. For no. 2 intuition is their key power, and psychic abilities are more than likely a part of this, whether you acknowledge them or not.

Birthday number 2  – negative attributes

No. 2 you need to work hard on your self esteem, not run from conflict, and not consistently seek validation from others. 

Birthday number 2  – life path learning

No. 2 compassion and intuition are rare qualities and should be revered – you are a pleasure to be around, so choose friends who respect this quality about you, and leave all others behind.

Birthday number 3

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 3
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 3

Birthday/life path number – Root  Number 3 

Birthday number 3    positive attributes

The creative, takes communication to a new level, whether it’s through speech or through expression. This highly gifted individual finds pleasure in making others smile.

Birthday number 3    negative attributes

Working at this higher level of perception often means others aren’t working on the same plane as you. If you feel misunderstood do not withdraw, strive to make the meaning clear – so us mere mortals can see the true light of your creativity. Being moody does not help your cause, so keep it in check. 

Birthday number 3    life path learning

With such an active imagination you could live on a permanent escapist high! But to really achieve brilliance in your creativity it is important for you to find a quiet place in your mind, to give yourself downtime. It’s worth spending time on mediation or mindfulness, so you don’t burn out, and to keep grounded.

Birthday number 4

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 4
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 4

Birthday/life path number – Root Number 4

Birthday number 4    positive attributes

The responsible, they are grounded and sensible. Your focus is on scalable growth and your pragmatic approach will get the job done.

Birthday number 4    negative attributes

Your solidity might become rigidity, and stubbornness will limit your ambition. To be an entrepreneur, you will really need to take a few bold risks and think outside the box on occasion.

Birthday number 4    life path learning

Take all that pragmatic, practical, hardworking energy and add a pinch of bravery to really succeed.

Birthday number 5

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 5
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 5

Birthday/life path number – Root Number 5 

Birthday number 5    positive attributes

The explorer is always seeking to discover new things, by being playful, impulsive and vivacious.The meaning of number 5 people is that they are free thinking. They also progress as they tune in to all five senses to experience the world, so they can capitalise on all that they learn.

Birthday number 5    negative attributes

Always looking outwardly and upwardly means you will not notice the wonders in your own back yard. Try to calm that restless, impulsive spirit so you can take in your entire surroundings, rather than chasing the view from the top. Mindfulness could be useful tool for you.

Birthday number 5    life path learning

Being impatient and not accepting the day to day experiences of life will leave your chakra energies unbalanced, and will limit your growth personally and professionally. Your signature joie de vivre, for which we love you, could become your curse – so learning to ground yourself and take stock will be an important life lesson.

Birthday number 6

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 6
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 6

Birthday/life path number   Root Number 6

Birthday number 6    positive attributes

The problem solver, has a strong sense of responsibility and has a straightforward but sensitive approach as they solve problems in the emotional and physical realms. They have empathic tendencies towards friends /family and lovers offering support and solace to all.

Birthday number 6    negative attributes

Not everyone needs to be parented. You have to let go or you’ll appear domineering and controlling.

Birthday number 6    life path learning 

By developing trust and using your empathic nature to understand others and their needs, you’ll be better able to help them where they need it and to realise, they have to go it alone in some aspects.

If you choose to control everyone you’ll end up with the whole weight of responsibility on your shoulders, which is not only debilitating but is a lonely place to be.

Birthday number 7

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 7
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 7

Birthday/life path number   Root Number 7

Birthday number 7 –   positive attributes

7’s are the detectives who are driven by inner wisdom, astute observations and an inventive spirit. These number 7 people have a blend of Virgo and Scorpio energy, and are detail oriented, they can find the flaws in any analytical system and so they aim to create perfection.

Birthday number 7 –   negative attributes

7’s perfectionism causes your skepticism, so the key for you is to know when to stop analysing. 

Birthday number 7 –   life path learning

Part of life’s fun is in the imperfections, and No. 7 you are also allowed to have those imperfections too – so stop accepting all the blame or you’ll never grow as a person.

Birthday number 8

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 8
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 8

Birthday/life path number   Root Number 8

Birthday number 8 –   positive attributes

No. 8’s are charismatic leaders who achieve using natural magnetism, and because they can always see the bigger business picture. The number 8’s are goal-oriented and ambitious and will attain wealth and abundance.

Birthday number 8 –   negative attributes

Number 8’s are workaholics, and as such expect too much of others, so have a tendency to take over. They can become controlling and possessive.

To offset this tendency, number 8’s benefit from realising that they can help others too, with their natural entrepreneurial minds, so community projects might really appeal.

Birthday number 8 –   life path learning

To number 8’s life is work and that’s all there is to it! They love it and excel, and evenings relaxing don’t really feature in their lives.

With this in mind, their social life will need to be filled with projects too, so I suggest number 8’s look to the wider community, and see what projects are out there – you’ll get a greater sense of purpose from taking these projects on

Birthday number 9

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 9
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 9

Birthday/life path number   Root Number 9

Birthday number 9 – Positive attributes

No. 9 is the old soul, they’ve been there and done that. They have seen and lived life’s up’s and down’s many times and have now reached a higher state of consciousness, whereby they can now help others to find their spiritual awareness.

Birthday number 9 –   negative attributes

As you can imagine no. 9’s live between the abstract and tangible, so need to remember to anchor themselves to reality.

Birthday number 9 –   life path learning

No. 9 has undoubtedly transformed and is not afraid to keep transforming until they reach the highest state of consciousness.

They can effortlessly synthesise all stimuli, and fathom out the complexities of life that others seem to get hung up on – they can use this higher state of consciousness to help others see more tangible conclusions.

The constant bombardment of stimuli, from both the physical and spiritual realm, means no. 9’s need to work to keep their equilibrium/balance, and remain anchored. I’d recommend looking at grounding crystals which you can carry with you throughout your day. See my Beginners guide to 10 chakra crystals.

Birthday number 11

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 11
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 11

Birthday/life path number   Root Number 11

Birthday number 11 –   positive attributes

Master number 11 has a duality at birth and will need to take care when making decisions. Once they master this duality however, they will become the finest decision makers who can achieve a great deal in life.

Birthday number 11 –   negative attributes

No. 11’s who don’t get the grips with their duality can become daydreamers, and their friends might well find them too emotional, so they end up being loners.

Birthday number 11 –   life path learning

Don’t despair though, people born under the master numbers find it easier to harness their potential than those born under the other numbers. Master number 11’s have extrasensory talents, so have the gift to heal themselves and others, reaching spiritual enlightenment and philosophical balance.

Birthday number 22

Sylvies Spirit Corenumber 22
Hidden meaning in birthday numbers - 22

Birthday/life path number   Root Number 22

Birthday number 22 –   positive attributes

Often referred to as the master builder, this master number has the ability to leave a long-term legacy. Master number 22 is less spiritual than master number 11, and their powers are unlimited yet orderly.

They are intuitive and yet a bit irrational as they fuse the tangible with the intangible.

Birthday number 22 –   negative attributes

Master number 22’s tend to loose their way if they are not practical enough in their lives and if they are made to feel pressure as a child – they won’t then see their potential, and apathy will set in.

However, often childhood instability can be the catalyst that fuels their innovative thought process, so given the right environment they are industrious, creative and dependable.

Birthday number 22 –   life path learning

Intuitive, practical and systematic at the same time, master number 22’s imbibe great qualities of being confident, idealists, and leaders.

22 is an inimitable number and these 22’s can bring big dreams into reality, as they pay attention to the details that no other number does –  they gravitate to professions that require finesse.

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