9 Purple crystal stones | Properties and meanings for you

Our 9 purple crystals connect to the third-eye chakra, which is the same purple colour, and the crown chakra. Purple crystal stones are mystical, and spiritually healing linking you to deep soul-felt intuition. Their main qualities which can help you are soothing energy, deep dreams and the ability to take you to the spiritual realm.

Purple crystals & chakras

When the third eye chakra is open and active we realise that our answers come from inside, and we can tap into our intuitive powers leaving indecisiveness behind.

The crown chakra too, is associated with purple crystals and connects us to the universe on a deeper level, so we can visit realms that sit beyond the borders of our minds. The crown chakra is all about connection, so we can find our true purpose in life, and with this connection the ability to manifest our desires.

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Purple crystals meaning physiologically

The soothing energy of purple crystals are always associated with transcending the physical realm and spiritual healing, but their soothing energy can help physiologically too. 

They can help balance the pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal gland is known as Third Eye as its primary function is ‘letting in light and darkness’, it is responsible for a variety of functions related to our senses. The pituitary gland is a part of your endocrine system, which is a network of glands in your body that make hormones that help cells talk to each other. They’re responsible for almost every cell, organ, and function in your body.

For those who struggle with anxiety, depression, or any mental health issues, purple crystal stones can bring relief as they clear out toxic thought patterns.

The third eye chakra sits in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes, so it’s no surprise that purple crystals have an influence on the functions of the brain:

  • Curing headaches & migraines 
  • Curing insomnia
  • Curing anxiety
  • Easing depression
Sylvies Spirit Purple Crystals for Headaches

Purple crystals meaning for your mind

Sharpening mental focus: By keeping you connected to the conscious mind.

Clearing brain fog: By clearing out the thoughts you don’t need, you will be able to develop a more focused approach to life.

Soothing the mind: Think lavender, which is great to calm the mind too. Purple crystals  will help eliminate stress and anxiety.

Reducing melancholy: Purple crystals have positive energy which will help clear toxic thoughts so your spirits will be uplifted.

Purple crystals & chakra healing: Chakra blockages can be alleviated using purple crystals.

By opening up the crown chakra, using purple crystals, energy will flow freely down through the body through all the chakras, so your intentions can be sent out into the world with purpose – manifesting your desires. 

Purple crystals & power: When we sync with the universe, the third eye chakra can be enhanced with your purple crystal power, to help you have clairvoyant visions and enhance psychic ability.

The deep dark colour of purple crystals is like a stormy sea and they invite you to safely dive deeper into the wonders that the universe holds for you.

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1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

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Purple crystals and relationships

From lilac to dark purple these gems are full of joy, and the healthy, harmonious vibes mean we choose relationships born of love rather than expectation.

Toxic thoughts, negative behaviour patterns, and limited self belief are alleviated, so our connections with people are born from spiritual feeling, and we can embrace relationships with kindred spirits.

Sylvies Spirit Spiritual Romance

Purple crystals and wealth

You can manifest wealth with purple crystals but this will be born from a spiritual place.

You are more likely to be striving for good relationships and good experiences to gain a complete sense of worth.

With the support of purple crystal stones you will develop a sense of self which will keep your mind and vision for your future self clear.

Purple crystals and psychic ability

Spiritual or psychic exploration with purple crystals will enable you to communicate with higher beings, and manifest the life that you want.

I find that life is about putting yourself out there, you won’t see the glory of the world by sitting in your room. You will achieve and manifest, from what you put into the world:

I ask myself often – ‘what do you bring to the table?’ 

Purple crystals will help you navigate the landscape of your subconscious, so you are exactly where you need to be for your life path.

Check out the video below by the Love & light school of crystal therapy, to get to know your purple crystals.

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1.Select one of the crystals on this website & check out which chakra it associates with.

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Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

9 Purple crystal meanings

From lilac to deep purple these stones have slightly differing meanings, but the over-riding virtue is a spiritual one – aligning body and mind with spirit.

You can’t go wrong with crystals, so choose a crystal that appeals and then look up the meaning, you’ll be surprised as the meaning will have resonance with you.

If you are looking for something, and have a feeling you need to transcend the earth plain to find it, purple crystals are for you!

Put some roots down into the earth and then meditate with your purple crystal – see my 7 chakras meanings & simple balancing meditation blog for a simple meditation.

Purple agate crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit Purple Agate

Purple Agate meaning: Protection on an auric level, present to live in the moment, and clarity of vision.

Purple Agate chakra: All agates have a radiant energy, the bands of colour in the purple agate, range from lilac to deep dark purple, which associates it with the third eye chakra, so you can experience a range of energies, from the subtle to strong – it is no wonder to me that purple agate can balance your yin and yang, so the female and male energies work in harmony with each other.

Staying tranquil even when times are tough, purple agate will regulate your breathing and is great for mediative contemplation.

Purple Agate is protective on an auric level and is believed to ward off bad energy; so if you need to be protected and present – thought and action will be aligned.

Purple Agate healing: Cleanse body, mind and spirit with the relaxed energy of purple agate.

Physically purple agate brings: Cleansing energy to your respiratory system – it brings gentle strength to the lungs and blood vessels and makes sure that each breath brings a beautiful release. 

Amethyst crystal stones

Amethyst meaning: Healing, peace, clarity and releasing tension – especially headaches.

Amethyst chakra: Associated with the third eye and crown chakra, amethyst irons out the kinks so you can calmly deal with situations without becoming overwhelmed with emotion.

It can also aid sleep and promote dreams, and it is particularly good for meditative practices, to calm the mind and deepen the meditation.

Amethyst healing: Freeing tension and dissolving headaches – simply place on your forehead for instant relief.

It can also be used to: Enhance the immune system. improve endocrine function, clarify the skin’s appearance, promote digestive health, and regulating hormones.

Used by practically every healer, amethyst brings peace and divinity.

Sylvies Spirit - Amethyst

Lepidolite crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit Lepidolite

Lepidolite meaning: Transformation, unburdening and stability.

Lepidolite chakra: Lepidolite’s violet and silver light opens the heart and crown chakra leading you out from dark places.

This stone of transformation will help reduce the fear that you might feel when change needs to happen. You can walk into the unknown with Lepidolite, as it will keep you calm and stable, so you can tackle the change head on.

Lepidolite healing: Immune system and nervous system, as it will combat stress, and stabilise mood. Reduce problems associated with Alzheimer’s. Hormonal cycles and the menopause changes can also be stabilised with lepidolite.

Useful to combat electromagnetic stress.

Ametrine crystal stones

Ametrine meaning: Aligning the soul. Deepening relationships, compatibility, and healthy pleasures.

Ametrine chakra: Associated with the solar plexus and crown chakra ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine, so you get two for the price of one!

Fusing the elements of air and water, ametrine is a joyous crystal for easing energy in times of transition and perhaps this is why it’s so good for relationships, as you’ll soften to become closer to other people and be more able to enjoy pleasure, creativity and spiritual play.

Ametrine healing: Ametrine strengthens the immune system aiding the autonomic nervous system. 

It heals physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.  Alleviates allergies and digestive disorders.

Sylvies Spirit Ametrine

Charoite crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit Charoite

Charoite meaning: Inspiration and selflessness with healthy boundaries. Connection to spirit guides.

Charoite chakra: Known as the soul stone charoite activates the heart and the crown chakra giving you the fortitude and strength to climb to a higher frequency of being.

This stone of spiritual reward, will enable you to be selfless, and yet keep healthy boundaries.

For those needing a helping hand charoite can connect you with your spirit guides, so they can gently steer you back to the right path for your life purpose.

Charoite healing: As a natural stress buster and detoxifier charoite keeps blood pressure in check, improves the health of your pancreas and liver and is a pain killer, helping to ease everything from muscle aches to migraines.

Purple fluorite crystal stones

Purple fluorite meaning: Balance and order to chaos. Detoxify body and mind.

Purple fluorite chakra: Associated with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, purple fluoride gets everything into sync so that you can achieve balance, activating both sides of the brain, so your yin and yang, can work together to stabilise.

Bringing ordeals to chaos purple fluoride will raise your vibrations so you can send your dreams out into the universe and so that you can manifest the life you choose.

The throat chakra will enable you to speak your truth, and the third eye chakra will help you find inner wisdom.

Purple fluorite healing: Fluorite is an antiviral stone, it can be used to help fight against infection. It also heals bone and joint related issues like rheumatism and arthritis.

Sylvies Spirit Purple Fluorite

Sugilite crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit Sugilite

Sugilite meaning: Enhances psychic connections and nurtures your psychic journey.

Sugilite chakra: Like amethyst, sugilite works to open the crown chakra, which then lets healing light through to all your other chakras.

It’s vibrant purple hues strengthen psychic connections as it invites you to heal every corner of your being.

You will be enabled to embrace wisdom, forgiveness and love on a spiritual level, so that you can let go of fear and find your truest self.

Sugilite healing: Balancing the nervous system, calm the senses, combat tensions associated with chronic illness and overcome insomnia.

For mental health issues like paranoia and PTSD,  Sugilite can sooth and calm, so you feel less exhausted.

Tanzanite crystal stones

Tanzanite meaning: Integrity, psychic protection and enabling wise choices and the ability to speak your mind.

Protect caregivers who are assisting with healing.

Tanzanite chakra: Wearers of tanzanite will speak with truth and integrity as the chakras governing tanzanite, this lustrous gem, are the crown and heart.

It will harmonise the two higher chakras, cleansing any blocks from them, so that the other chakras can be equally healed. 

Those looking for psychic connections, can wear tanzanite, so that the experience of meeting spirit guides and your ancestors doesn’t become overwhelming.

The combination of the third eye connection and tanzanite with illuminate your dreams, enable wise choices, and empower you to speak your mind.

Tanzanite healing: Nervous tension. Help rid one of old patterns and bad behaviours. Alleviate skin disorders. Treat any illness of the ears and eyes.

Boost the immune system, detoxify and regenerate cells and tissues.

Sylvies Spirit Tanzanite

Purple kunzite crystal stones

Sylvies Spirit Purple Kunzite

Kunzite meaning: Inner peace, loving thoughts, blessings/luck, and nurturing.

Kunzite chakra: Called the Mothers stone, Kunzite can strengthen nurturing and settle children to sleep.

Its energy balances and its association with the heart chakra, means it replenishes trust, heals emotional wounds and encourages loving actions.

Kunzite also has a connection with the third eye so it dissolves fear and worries and help you find inner peace.

Kunzite healing: Easing migraines. Uniting the heart and mind kunzite is a great body healer as it regulates the whole circulatory system, opening the lungs and ensuring the heart muscles strong, which also helps us more easily recovery from stress.

The strong female energy from kunzite can help with puberty and PMS.

Combine crystals with purple crystals for power

Crown chakra crystals combined with purple crystals: This combination will heighten your sense of purpose, so you can push on to new spiritual highs.

Black crystals combined with purple crystals: When reaching into the spiritual realm with purple crystals it is important to protect your aura, so using black crystals to not only root you to the earth plain, but to also protect is the perfect combination.

Clear quartz crystals combined with purple crystals: Clear Quartz is so good at amplifying the powers of all other crystals, so whatever energy the purple crystal is bringing will be magnified.

Rose quartz crystals combined with purple crystals: Keep the line of energy running from the heart to the crown by adding a rose quartz which will bring emotional balance.

Sylvies Spirit Selenite
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Sylvies Spirit black obsidian
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Sylvies Spirit - Clear Quartz
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Sylvies Spirit - Rose quartz
Sylvies Spirit - Rose quartz

By trusting what you know to be true in your heart, your soul can soar to higher heights, enabling a deeper connection with the universe and spirit guides.

Purple crystal stones will open the heart and third eye chakras, so that heavenly healing will not be blocked from passing through to heal all.

Having achieved a harmonise shift on a cellular level you can then look to the stars, and the spiritual realms for inspiration, manifesting and enlightenment.

Enjoy x