21 Orange crystals meanings & benefits

The meanings and benefits of orange crystals include enabling you to find true love and increasing the healing power in the pelvic area of your body. They are associated with the sacral (which is represented by orange) and solar plexus chakra (which is yellow), meaning that they can power up and promote healing in the pelvic region. They also encourage creativity as you will have more confidence to enjoy pleasure and the love of self, which in turn means that you will be more capable of true love.

Crystal gemstones where the colour array heads more towards the gold, are also associated with the heart chakra meaning they further promotes self-love.

For healing

Orange crystal gemstones are associated with the pelvic area, the sacral, and the colour associated with this is orange. This means their power can be used for healing reproductive organs, bladder and bowels. Their heat energy can also be beneficial with rheumatism.

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For love

Because of the association with the sacral chakra, these crystal gemstones can help with intimacy and passion, as you will be happier in your own skin. 

Creativity is also based around this passion for life, meaning strengthening and balancing are important to artistic pursuits, meaning you can find your joie de vivre. 

Sexy gemstones: If you are looking for love and passion check out the orange crystals that have more golden colours like the Fire-Opal, as this means that they will encompass the heart chakra too, so you will cover all the bases – opening up your heart to the possibility of true love, and finding passion in your first embrace. 

For relationships

Orange Crystals Romance

Orange crystals bring hope, prosperity, and optimism, which in turn will enable you to form new friendships and/or relationships and emotional connections.

When you begin to attract luck and attention, you will be humble as you know this attention feeds the soul. However, with the right person – if the attention turns too romance, the intimacy you will feel will enable new adventures in pleasure.

21 orange crystal stones

I’ve chosen the 16 powerful orange crystal gemstones for you! Whether you are looking for a partner, or you are an artist in a ‘dry spell’ needing emotionally stimulating, the power of these warm and sassy crystals will reignite your fire:)

Check out Kim’s video where she outlines some of the basic orange crystal gemstones, and see my comprehensive list of orange crystal gemstones with their meanings: 

Orange agate

Orange Agate meaning: Balancing yin & yang.

When you re-balance yin and yang with this gemstone the meaning for you will be to enable more harmony and grounding. Orange agate gemstone helps us connect to the inner light, put roots down, and branches upward, to gain solid foundations – dissolving old traumas.


Sylvies Spirit Orange Agate
Orange crystals for love and life - Agate

Mind connection

Enhances mental function meaning concentration and the ability to get to grips with analytical equations is enhanced.

Aura uses

Cleanse and stabilize. 

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Orange Tourmaline 

Orange Tourmaline crystals gemstone meaning: The Receptive Stone.

The purifying energy of Orange Tourmaline means it will help body, mind and soul, creating self-awareness; enabling you to go into situations with your eyes open. These gemstones’ also helps you to extend compassion to others because of the spiritual growth that happens.

They come in a variety of colours including: Green, blue, or yellow, pink to red, colourless or colour-zoned, so pick one that appeals. Their overriding meaning is that they help self-awareness enabling us to develop and grow.

Sylvies Spirit Orange Tourmaline
Orange crystals for love & life - Tourmaline

Body healing

The orange tourmaline stone can help around issues with menstruation and issues of a sexual nature, by healing and balancing emotions.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite meaning: Break patterns

This orange crystal gemstone is sparking with radiant energy that helps patterns to be broken and a ‘go with the flow’ feeling to come to the fore. The overriding meaning of this crystal is to help you embrace change.

Calcite crystal gemstones come in a variety of colours, although are colourless or white when pure. However, the presence of diverse impurities will mean that it can become: Reddish, pink, yellow, greenish, bluish, lavender, black, or brown.

Sylvies Spirit Orange Calcite
Orange crystals for love & life - Calcite

Calcite used to amplify

Calcite crystal gemstone has the ability to amplify energy making it more powerful, and to cleanse energy, so it is not only useful to carry, it is also great for around the house – for feng shui.

Hessonite Garnet crystal

Hessonite Garnet crystal gemstone meaning: Flexibility

Whether physically or mentally, we need to remain flexible and experience life fully. Working with hessonite crystal gemstone will mean that you are enabled to keep a flexible outlook, meaning you will be more able to embrace change which will reduce stress and anxiety.

Sylvies Spirit Hessonite Garnet 
Orange crystals for love & life - Hessonite Garnet 

Body healing

In the physical plain, the healing from the hessonite will nurture soar muscle enabling your body to flow with grace and poise.

Orange Zircon

Orange Zircon crystal gemstone meaning: New lease of life.

For those needing a boost, this crystal gemstone will bring a new lease of life. Meaning energy levels will be restored and you’ll find new optimism.

For those wishing to develop psychic abilities, the orange zircon crystal gemstone will help open you up to higher thinking, whilst remaining grounded and strong. 

Meaning for grounding

It is really important to put roots down and remain tethered to the earth plain when you are developing your spiritual powers. See my 7 Chakras meanings & a simple balancing meditation, checking out the quick meditation for tips.

Sylvies Spirit Orange Zircon
Orange crystals for love & life -Zircon

Orange sunstone

Sunstone crystal gemstone meaning: Direction

The Vikings used Sunstone crystal gemstones to help guide them to their destination. The sunstone crystal gemstone will help you carve your way in the world, meaning you are enabled to speak the truth and push your own boundaries.

Body healing

Sunstone will unwind every muscle, healing muscle tension, so you can rebalance and reconnect the body with the mind and soul.

Sylvies Spirit Sunstone
Orange crystals for love & life - Sunstone

Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite crystal gemstone meaning: Harmony

Spessartite Garnet crystal stone is perfect for use when manifesting, as it keeps you on the right track, meaning you can manifest exactly what you want. Read my blog on Manifesting for further insight.

For the mind

This crystal gemstone promotes clear thinking encouraging positive feelings meaning you can get creative, and manifest what you desire.

Sylvies Spirit Spessartite Garnet
Orange crystals for love & life - Spessartite Garnet

Orange Fire-Opal

Orange Carnelian meaning: Self-belief

Every time I write my blog I learn something new and realise why I have a love, hate relationship with Orange Carnelian crystal stone. I find ‘self-belief’ comes and goes, so I’m going to pay more attention to my red carnelian crystal stone, to get to know when I need to boost myself.

If you need to get creative, motivated, and get a dose of courage this orange crystal is for you. Working at soul level orange carnelian will give you the strength to move forward and lead if necessary. 

Take a look at the video below by Diana of Crystal Meanings, about Carnelian.

Sylvies Spirit Orange Fire Opal

Orange Carnelian

Orange Carnelian meaning: Self-belief

Every time I write my blog I learn something new and realise why I have a love, hate relationship with Orange Carnelian. I find ‘self-belief’ comes and goes, so I’m going to pay more attention to my red carnelian, to get to know when I need to boost myself.

If you need to get creative, motivated, and get a dose of courage this orange crystal is for you. Working at soul level orange carnelian will give you the strength to move forward and lead if necessary. 

Take a look at the video below by Diana of Crystal Meanings, about Carnelian.

Sylvies Spirit - Orange Carnelian
Sylvies Spirit - Orange Carnelian

Orange Citrine

Orange Citrine means: Abundance

Citrine can be yellow or orange and it’s like a ray of sunshine which ignites happiness and brings abundance.

Whether you are struggling with self-expression and creativity, or confidence, the power of orange citrine will calm and encourage a positive outlook which will start to make you smile, as the golden sun’s rays will bring about blue skies for you.

Sylvies Spirit Orange Citrine
Orange crystals for love & life - Citrine


Citrine comes in yellow and orange and is called the merchants stone because it attracts wealth making deals possible. Place a citrine point in the furthest back left corner of your house. I have mine on the window sill, and keep the point inwards – this will bring in wealth and prosperity.

Orange Moonstone

Orange Moonstone crystal means: Guiding light

The moonstone has goddess energy as it is governed by the moon. It reminds us that life is a cycle, so the sooner we learn to go, and go with the flow of life, rather than try to control everything – making us feel more contented. 

Sylvies Spirit Orange Moonstone
Sylvies Spirit Orange Moonstone

Moonstone meaning

The Moonstone name is literal in its meaning, it is the stone of the moons energy.

Trust in the moon energy and which will be beneficial in making stress melt away in the glorious light of the moon, and arise rejuvenated in the morning. 

Orange Andesine Labradorite

Labradorite meaning: Release

Have you got past traumas? The orange Andesine Labradorite stone will help you release the negativity, and lose the anxiety that surrounds you – so you can fully immerse yourself in the present.

Sylvies Spirit Andesine Labradorite
Orange crystals for love and life - Andesine Labradorite

Labradorite colours

There are different colours of Labradorite crystal stones including: Grey, grey-white, brown, greenish, pale green, blue, yellow and colourless. They connect with the higher consciousness.

Labradorite and the elements

Labradorite is connected with all the elements – the ground beneath your feet, the surging ocean and stretched-out sky, and the stars above. Its gentle energy will help you experience all life’s pleasures to the full.

Orange Mali Garnet

Orange Mali Garnet means: Worthiness

Think of sunsets, morning light and growth as this powerful stone echoes Gaia – the Greek goddess of Earth mother of all life.

This grounded stone remains us that we are worthy to experience great joy and love. The Mali Garnet boosts the immune system and cell reproduction, so we are healthy and thriving.

Sylvies Spirit Mali Garnet
Orange crystals for love & life - Mali Garnet

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Find deeper spiritual meaning in your day to day life

Imperial Flame Topaz

Imperial Flame Topaz meaning: Prosperity

Grab your Orange Imperial Topaz for visualisation and manifestation, as this crystal attunes to a high spiritual frequency.

Orange Imperial Topaz also stops blockages from occurring in the lower chakras, and reminds us that there is always a bright side.

Sylvies Spirit Imperial Flame Topaz
Sylvies Spirit Orange Imperial Flame Topaz

Orange Spinel

Orange Spinel meaning: Fertility /passion

Orange Spinel energy is decadent and encourages passion. It will get you out of your head, triggering the sacral chakra for body intelligence, and into your heart –  only then will you experience what emotion can do.

By centring yourself in the joy of the heart chakra you will find better ways to cope in this fast-moving world – as you will have a connection with the divine.

Sylvies Spirit Orange Spinel
Orange crystals for love & life - Spinel

For body health

For those wanting to conceive, the orange spinel stones connection with the root chakra encourages passion and deep devotion – whilst boosting fertility. 

Orange Sapphire

As solar gems orange sapphire boost vitality, with warm and comfort to strengthen your resolve. The wearer of an orange sapphire will find it easier to move forward no matter how difficult the situation is at present.

Orange Sapphire Meaning
Sylvies Spirit - Orange Sapphire

Orange Diamond

Orange Diamond gemstones are rare, although there are synthetic versions available. They are called Fire Diamonds or Diamond Fire effect as the term “Fire” or “dispersion” is the degree to which the gemstone splits white light into its constituent colours. Orange-coloured diamonds with fire display different shades of orange when you turn them in the light.

Sylvies Spirit - Orange Diamond
Sylvies Spirit - Orange Diamond

Orange Aventurine

Orange Aventurine is part of the aventurine family which is a variety of Quartz of which green aventurine is the most common.

Orange Aventurine offers a lot of emotional comforts and works well with the heart. It can also bring good luck and take steps towards brand new beginnings.

Sylvies Spirit - Orange Aventurine
Sylvies Spirit - Orange Aventurine

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz or Sunfire Quartz differ from others of the quartz family as the colour they possess come from the Iron Oxide inclusions.

Tangerine Quartz is a great healing stone as it helps you overcome traumatic events and heal emotional wounds – with this quartz nothing can hold you back.

Sylvies Spirit -Tangerine Quartz
Sylvies Spirit -Tangerine Quartz

Orange obsidian

Obsidian is predominantly black but the rarest and most valuable is called fire obsidian which has orangey hues.

The orange obsidian displays rainbow colours when it is displayed at the correct angle. These colours are usually quite bold and intense, but sit upon the black base colour – it’s a real stunner of a stone.

Sylvies Spirit - Orange Obsidian
Sylvies Spirit - Orange Obsidian


Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine with zones of purple (amethyst) and yellow or orange, which is why I have included in this blog.

The purple of amethyst offsets the orange of citrine creating a stone that activates the third eye (which is represented by purple and activated by amethyst), solar plexus and sacral chakras.

It calms the mind bringing relief from stress and tension. Read more about citrine in our Yellow crystals blog, and amethyst in our purple crystals blog.

Sylvies Spirit - Ametrine

Orange stones for family life

Placing an orange stone in the centre of your house can ensure hospitality and warmth. For a family, an orange stone promotes you to “act like a team”, developing outgoing, caring, and friendly behaviours.

Rekindle you inner fire with the crystals above, which will warm your heart and help you see the lighter side of life. Unleash your creative spirit and balance the yin and yang, so your personal power is increased with their sexy savvy energy.

Enjoy x