Calculate your Soul Urge Number | Find out your destiny

Find Out Who You Are

Use your given name (full name on your birth certificate) to calculate your Soul Urge Number which will help you discover your “inner characteristics” which are a part of you – to find out your destiny! You can also calculate the Soul Urge Number of a potential lover to find if they are a good … Read more

7 Easy ways to cleanse/charge crystal stones

Crystal care

Overusing your crystals for healing and manifestation, will lead to them becoming depleted in energy, so I have compiled 7 easy ways for you to quickly cleanse and charge your crystal stones.  Although crystals are a conduit for light energy, many of them do not have the power to self cleanse so they need to … Read more

10 Green crystals for your heart connection

Mend a broken heart

Green crystals can be used to bolster your heart connection as they are associated with the heart chakra, which is also green. The heart chakra is a spinning disc of energy that sits at heart height on your body, in a central position aligned with the spine.  The energy in this chakra needs to be … Read more

Elements of nature: Ether & the meaning it holds for us

Ether is the space element, and one word describes the meaning it holds for our personalities – this is ‘clarity’. Referred to as ‘akasha’ in Sanskrit, the 5th element – ether is the element that comes first in ayurvedic thinking, as it is the thing that makes our lives possible.  As the subtlest element of … Read more

Angel number 33 | Meaning for you

Angel number 33 has significant meaning for you! If you keep seeing 33 you are about to have a positive life-changing experience, which will bring a burst of energy so that you can forge ahead to a new phase in your life. The angels are sending a message to you so that you will be … Read more

Clear quartz crystal stone: The master healer

Achieve your goals

This master healer vibrates at all colour frequencies, meaning it is a cure-all! The clear quartz crystal stone can be programmed to address any issues you are working on whether that is health orientated, or around the home, it can be used to magnify your intent for any manifestation and will attune to all chakras … Read more

8 White & clear crystals meanings

8 White & clear crystals meanings Not bound to one chakra and ruled by the moon, white and clear crystal stones have angelic energy and are the master healers. White is a symbol of purity, innocence, surrender and angelic energy, as white light reaches beyond our earthly plane.  They include: Selenite (White Crystal Selenite) Howlite … Read more

9 Purple crystal stones | Properties and meanings for you

Our 9 purple crystals connect to the third-eye chakra, which is the same purple colour, and the crown chakra. Purple crystal stones are mystical, and spiritually healing linking you to deep soul-felt intuition. Their main qualities which can help you are soothing energy, deep dreams and the ability to take you to the spiritual realm. … Read more

7 Yellow crystal stones: Traits, chakras, healing & relationships

7 Yellow crystal stones: Traits, chakras, healing & relationships The 7 yellow crystal stones’ that we have chosen for you can empower you with willpower, feeling comfortable with your sexuality, emotional experience, and new beginnings. Their association with the Solar plexus chakra, which is also yellow, means that they will encourage you to be more … Read more

20 Red Colour Crystals | Meanings & benefits

20 Red Colour Crystals | Meanings & benefits I have chosen 20 red crystals for you, as the overriding benefit from all of them, is courage and passion – whether it’s a passion for life or romantic passion, these energetic red crystals will add some spice to your life! If you are lethargic and unmotivated … Read more